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How to use Teleport in Last Shelter

How to use Teleport in Last Shelter
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There are various options when it comes to teleporting in last shelter survival any unfortunately not a lot of explanation in the game. This leads to many questions from new players on how to move around and what you can do with the different types of teleport. Below is a run down to try to explain the different options open to you.

Migrating to a new state. Please note that only the newbie teleport listed below allows you to fully change state, and then only under certain circumstances. While you can use other teleports to travel to a different state during certain events, this will only allow you to 'visit' and does not change your primary 'home' state that you represent. You will still need to return home to perform certain actions in the game.
For more details on migration please check our page on the State Immigration event.

Types of Teleport

There are several different teleport items that you can use in the game. Below are details on how to get them and how to use them.

Newbie Teleport
These teleports are made available to new game accounts when you start out and are there to allow you to move your base to a different state if you would like to join friends or are setting up a second account to assist with your first.

When you start a new game you will have 2 Newbie Teleport items in your inventory. You can use these to move to any state in the game. However you can only do this before your game reaches Base Level 6. And also only during the first 15 days of your game. After this time the items expire.

Using the Newbie teleport will place you in a random location in the state that you chose. You cannot pick a specific spot to go to.

Advanced Teleport
This is the most useful teleport item in the game, and one that as you level up will be come essential. This is the only teleport that will allow you to move your base to a specific location, either in your state or to another state for a cross state event.

These teleport can be bought for 2000 diamonds in the item store (or as needed) or 400,000 contribution points in an alliance store. They are also found in many reward chests from daily challenges and some other events. When you are a new player these are hard to come by but as you level up you will be able to win / buy these far more easily.

To use an advanced teleport just find the location you want to move to and tap a tile on the map. Select the teleport option. Some locations cannot be teleported to and you may need to choose a position carefully.

Random Teleport
Random Teleports can be used from your inventory to move you to a random location in the state map that you are currently in (if you are cross state you will move in the cross state map. These is generally not very useful but can be used to escape from danger / attackers without resorting to an advanced teleport.

The random teleport items can also be bought for a lower price of 500 diamonds / 100,000 alliance points.

Alliance Teleport
The Alliance teleport is a very limited item that it seems you can only use once in the game. The first time that you join an alliance, the alliance leader can send you an invitation that will give you an alliance teleport. The purpose is to allow you to move near the alliance area for greater protection.

When you use this teleport your base will be moved to a location on the map close to the alliance leader. You cannot pick the location. The game will decide where you are to move to. If you try to pick a spot then it will ask you to use an advanced teleport as above.

We hope this helps to clear up the different teleport questions. If you are still not sure please head to the Answers Page to ask more questions there.

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