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What are Hero Tokens?

What are Hero Tokens?
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Hero tokens are another collectible that has recently been added to the game. As yet there are not many details about them but here is what we know so far.

What are they for?

The tokens can be found in your Items storage list and are show with a Use button as will many others. The description explains that they can be exchanged for valuable items. Using the items takes you to the Token shop. There is also a Token Shop option now added to the Heroes Hall Building.

The token show lets you trade the tokens for Hero Fragments. 60 Tokens will get you 5 fragments for an Orange Hero. 40 Tokens will get 5 fragments for a Purple Hero. 5 or 10 Tokens will get 5 fragments for a Blue Hero. There is little point trading for a blue hero but if you can earn a few Tokens then saving them for purple or Orange heros that you need will help you.

How to get more?

A few tokens have been given away by the developers during the announcements for the update. Tokens are currently available as a reward included in the 3rd tier Daily challenge reward chest. The one you get for maxing out the daily challenge. Not an easy feat. This would indicate that they are worth getting and using. The chest will give you 20 tokens when you get it.

There is also the option to buy tokens with real money as part of one of the in game purchases.

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