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What are Hero Fragments?

What are Hero Fragments?
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Heros are something that everyone wants to get in the game, that we all seem to have a lot of but usually end up getting the same ones over and over. Those darn elusive Orange level Heroes never seem to drop.

We are always being tempted with the recruitment tickets but like lottery tickets the odds are stacked against hitting that jackpot. If you have the funds to buy enough tickets though you should be ok.

After being teased in earlier messages, a recent update to the game has now added the 'Hero Fragments' as a new item to obtain and given us a new way to unlock Heroes. Here is what we know so far:

What are they?

The fragments are tokens that when you collect enough will let you trade them in for a hero to add to your collection.

How to get them?

The fragments are items that can be obtained from Daily Challenge event reward chests (2nd tier rewards) and potentially other reward drops.

You can now also buy fragments from the Token Shop (in the Heroes Hall Building) by using the Hero Tokens.

The bad news

The bad news so far is that it seems you will need to collect a lot of fragments for each Hero. 150 for a purple hero, 200 for Orange. And each fragment that you get will be dropped for a specific hero, so you are not able to choose to apply them to a hero that you want. You may end up mainly collecting fragments of heros you already have.

How do i check my progress

To see how many fragments you have collected so far and for which heroes, use the Hero menu button on the main screen bottom right and then select the Fragments Tab.

This high level of fragments needed and inability to choose your reward will make them seem fairly pointless for all but the most dedicated players so we hope there will be a re-balancing in the future.

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