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How to place resource plots away from the alliance center
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How to place resource plots away from the alliance center

After a recent update the way that you place high level resource plots that you can build in the world for yourself have changed. In the past you could place these anywhere however now when you try to build one you are sent to an alliance center and told that you need to build one near it.

This is not ideal for many people who are not located near the Center building as it would mean a long trip to reach it. There is however a quick way to get your resource plot located where you want it.

The first step is to go to the location that you want the plot to be placed at and take a note of the coordinates listed for it at the bottom. eg 524,491
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Next, Tap the build menu and Resource Station to open the resource station items. You will be sent to an alliance center location. Select the one that you want and drag it onto the world map to place it but do not tap the tick to place it down yet.

At this point you can drag around the map and move the building where you want but if your intended location is a long way away then this will take some time and effort to move it. Instead to get to your target spot tap the coordinates indicator at the bottom to bring up the entry boxes.
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Here you can enter the coordinates that you found earlier. Tap Go to and you will find yourself at your chosen spot.

When you arrive there the rss building won't be present but the build interface is still open. Tap the screen on the map and the RSS plot will appear for you to place. Tap the tick and you are done.
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