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VIP Shop and VIP points

VIP Shop and VIP points
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The VIP shop was added to the game recently as a new building and brought with it VIP points and VIP barges as a new item. But what is it for and is it worth using.

What is the VIP shop

The shop is there to let you buy various items and buffs to us in the game to help you progress and make you stronger. But it will cost you real money to use.

It offers in game privileges such as: An extra hospital building, might and resistance buffs for your troops and better use of the rapid production options. There are more available depending on the VIP level unlocked. In addition to this you will earn VIP points through events and challenges in the game and can use them in the shop to buy items such as Recruitment tickets, hero medals and resource boxes,

Once you have built the building your can tap on it and select the Preview option to see the list of buffs and itme that it offers.

How do I use it?

Firstly, the shop is building is only available to build once you reach level 20. Once built you can unlock it with the VIP barges which while a few have been made available as rewards the amount you need to get to unlock the shop is very high and you will need to make a real money payment to get enough.

You need to have 10,000 badges for the unlock which is currently offered in game as part of a package costing $99 / £91. This would make it one of the most expensive purchases in the game.

Is it worth getting?

This will depend on you. It is certainly not needed and the amount of money involved will put it out of the budget of most players. The game is fully playable without using the VIP shop. The items it offers while being very useful can all be obtained over time anyway.

However as a pay to win option for the game it does offer buffs that will give a slight edge in combat and as such will be desirable to some players. The benefit it gives though is still small and will not guarantee a victory against any opponent. So using it as pay to win may backfire.

It is expensive but the unlock option is at least a one off payment not a subscription. For most people it is not needed and far too expensive but it is there for the hard core players with funds to spare.

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