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How to deal with troops food consumption

How to deal with troops food consumption
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You need more troops for the battles but they are eating all of your food. This is a common problem as you increase your power, training troops is the easiest thing to do but will drain your food resources. Fortunately the game does have ways to help.

Food production will depend on the amount and the levels of your farms and also on the class you are. The farmer class will get you more rss from farms than the Raider for example. If you are just defending yourself with troops and are trying to maximise rss income for levelling up your city then consider being a Farmer.

If your farms are already at the max level you can have then your next step is stationing heroes. Of course you need to recruit the heroes first but assuming you have some make sure you have the Management station upgraded to the point that you can station them all. The more development heroes you have with farm buffs then the more you can use their skills to increase production. Check the heroes shill carefully and unlock and upgrade the ones that will help you the most.

Farm development heroes will have a skill called 'Farm Improvement' that increases the hourly income and some have further skill that improve on this even more and/or have other benefits.

In addition to these there are a few development heroes that you can station in the training camps for each troop type. Eg Drill Master for 'Fighters'. Once of his skills reduces the Food upkeep costs (consumption) of your fighter class troops.

Wounded don't eat

A point to remember is that wounded soldiers in the hospital don't consume resources. It does cost rss to heal them though. So if you have troops in the hospital and don't need them right now you can leave them thre and it will keep your food consumption down.

You can't run out

The game will have a set minimum level of food that you can drop down to. You can use all of your food of course but if you are below the fixed level your food will increase. Below the minimum the game stops the consumption by troops so you will gain food as normal. Once you get above the limit through consumption starts again. You will sit effectively at the limit until you gain food from rewards or use it for training, upgrades / research etc.

This means that you don;t run out and you will always have some available or being earned. The limit for you will depend on your city level. The best advice here is to always try to use any food you have over the limit (send it to the Ration Truck, Use it, Sell it) otherwise it will drain away.

Stock up

The important point to note is that food item crates are stored safely in your items and are not used in this way. There is no limit to the stored items, so the best way to gain food is to stock up on the crates by earning them as rewards from daily challenges, Clash of zones, and the many other events in the game. These rewards are very generous with food crates.

If you can manage to complete the 2nd or even 3rd level of some daily challenges regularly and also hit a few rewards in the clash of zones you should have a healthy supply of these to use for upgrades / research and training whenever you need.

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