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How to earn diamonds for free in Last Shelter

How to earn diamonds for free in Last Shelter
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The premium currency used in Last Shelter is diamonds, or gems if you prefer, which are used in many cases to let you skip some time requirements and speed up your progression. And also as currently to buy useful items like teleports and shields. But more importantly they are the only way to acquire a few of the rarer commodities that you need to complete some building projects.

Diamonds must be used to buy Stationing plans, alloy barrels,

There are many options in the game to make purchases that will get you some diamonds and if you are going to be buying resources in the game look for one of the offer packs that includes diamonds as well. There is no need to be buying diamonds though unless you are looking to rush through.

Log on

Log on every and if you are part of an alliance with more than 50 active members then you will be able to collect the attendance bonuses every day. This will get you up to 25 diamonds a day lus a few speed ups / resources for good measure.

Wendell the clown

You need to be in an alliance hnd have some active members join you to help with this but every day you have the task to kill Wendell The Clown. If you have a few alliance members to help then you can easily take on the level 1 Wendell and if you are stronger then you can try the higher levels. Killing the Level 1 Clow will get you 50 diamonds (once a day) and thre are more on offer for the tougher levels.

See How to rally against Wendell the Clown.

Daily Challenges & Clash of Zones

The daily challenges and the clash of Zones daily tasks offer the best ways to rake in the free diamonds although some level of planning may be needed. The challenges vary and you will need to check each day and sometimes at different times in the day for the shorted daily challenges to see what challenge is active at the time. It might be to train soldiers, finish buildings or do research. Or a combination of those. Occasionally it is to kill enemy troops which means you need to get raiding.

If you are actively progressing in the game, doing your training, building and researching then some of the challenges will come easily. Although as each challenge has 3 levels you will find that some effort is needed to complete the second level and a lot is needed if you want to attain the 3rd top level.

For daily challenges, completing the 1st level requirement will usually get you 100 diamonds amongst the rewards although this varies. The second level will get you 400/600 diamonds and is definitely worth working for if you can. The Third level offers a huge 2000 diamonds or more which is a great reward, but you will need to get lucky with timing and almost certainly work your way through a lot of speed up items to get to the totals needed for this. It is worth it but only if you don't need to buy in speed up items to get there.

Squash zombies

Every day there will be a small number of zombies roaming around inside the fences of your city. These zombies can be squashed by tapping on them and will randomly award a small amount of resources (sometimes none though). A few will give you diamonds although usually only 1-3 each. Its not going to get you many but its quick and easy to do when you see the zombies so give it a go.

Diamond Mining

Diamond mining is a simple ways to gain extra diamonds but with a catch. Its slow. There are research items in the Institute that will help you speed this up but it is still a slow process and finding mines with lots of diamonds to gather is hard.

Mines are found in the World view in the same way as other resource plots such as farms. Look for the blue diamond colour. You send your troops to them to gather as normal.

We would not recommend relying on this method but if you are going to be offline in the game and have nothing else to do with your troops then why not send them to the mines to gain you an extra few dozen diamonds.

If you have found any other good tips for getting diamonds leave a note in the comments. And if you have any questions for us see the Answers Page link above.

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