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Doomsday New Eden
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New Eden is the latest update to the every changing Doomsday event in Last Shelter Survival. As the game developers look for new ways to make this major event in the game fairer and more exciting they have made a big change to the way it operates.


New Eden itself is a separate map to the state map that you are used to playing and during the event you will e able to travel freely between it and your home state as needed. Although there are timeout after each move so you cannot travel back and forth constantly.

All the doomsday resource plots are now located in New Eden and you will need to travel there to occupy them. Unfortunately you cannot view the New Eden map unless you are located there so you are not able to check on progress or scout for plots while not in the event.

When starting in the event the alliances will be able to spawn at specific areas around the outer edge of the map and must work their way through to higher levels closer to the center. The plots that exist in the map will vary but there will still be low level plots around the outside and higher ones in the middle.

Alliance buildings and Honor Structures

The alliance center buildings and the honor structures that you build are still located in your home state. Unlike the previous Doomsday events they now exist only to let you buildup your honor structure levels and increase your production, immunity and other strengths.

There is no doomsday conflict in your home state so you do not need to worry about protecting them from attacks.

Conflict in New Eden

The goal now in new eden is the capture and control of gates / cities and capitals in the New Eden map. There world is made up of various areas separated by mountain ranges that you cannot cross without moving through gates, within each are are cities or capitals that can be captured by alliances to gain points and buffs.

Enemy players can be attacked if their city is present in New Eden at the time. You cannot use a shield to protect yourself. If your base is not in new eden when it is attacked you will end up in a fallen state. In this instance you will not be able to participate in the event until you have reclaimed your plots.


As before, during the long event time you will need to participate in clearing enemy plots, attacking cities and capturing gates to gain points for yourself and your alliance. At the end the higher the alliance points the better the rewards will be. You will need to make sure that you score at least 10,000 points yourself to qualify for any rewards that the alliance get and can offer you.

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