What is exploring and what do you get
Last Shelter: Survival Guide

What is exploring and what do you get

The latest update for Last Shelter introduced 'Exploring' as an option in the game. This sounds like an interesting update but what exactly can you do.

The idea of exploring is to make use of your construction vehicles, the 4 that you get as you upgrade and any more that you have decided to pay for. (this does not affect the world APCS that you use for combat / gathering)

Unless you are actively upgrading buildings then these construction vehicles are idle most of the time and this update is a way to make them feel useful.

Exploring can only be done though once you reach base level 12.

How to Explore

To start exploring tap on the construction vehicle icon in your city view. This is the hard hat and hammer icon in the top left. In the vehicle pop up any idle vehicles will now have an 'Explore' button next to them.

Tap the Explore button and you can choose to send them out for 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours. Once you do this the vehicle will travel out to a location in the wastelands around your city and start collecting items. You can recall a vehicle at any time but this will cost you diamonds. So bear in mind when you might need them again.

What do you get

The explore process will return standard resources like food and fuel as well as a chance to get energy fragments and Energy cores. There are also some new items that will be added to your inventory which at the moment you can then sell for money. Once your vehicle has returned check your item menu for these new items to see what you have collected and sell them. There is no other use at present.

The items that you get and their value are as follows:
Paintings: 1000 Money
Fossils: 500 Money
Cloth: 20 Money
Bombs: 20 Money
Tire: 10 Money
UPDATE: you can now also get:
Exquisite Gems: 2000 Money

Is it worth doing

The money you get back from the collecting is not going to make you rich, but you will always need the money in the game and any extra that you can collect will help. The resources you get are also very useful. So whenever you can spare your vehicles (if you are not upgrading buildings) then it will pay you to send them out.



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