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State Immigration FAQ

State Immigration FAQ
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One of the most common questions for Last Shelter is how to change state. We covered the details of this in another article, but the State Immigration Event is one method of doing this that has a lot of further questions for it. Here is a quick explanation of the basic functions for using this option in the game.

Rule Update
Last Shelter have just announced a rule update for state immigration that is active during Doomsday Events. You can no long immigrate to states that are outside of your DD group while a season is running. This will limit the range of states that you can move to considerably if you try to move during Doomsday.

What is it?
State Immigration does allow you to move your base and account to a new state fully and become a member of that new state. You will then be allied to that state for wars, and other events. It will loose you progress though in your home state with events such as doomsday war.

When does state immigration open for XXX state?
This is a very common question. If you have recently started a game and want to move it to a new state but have already completed all of the tutorial sections and reached level 6 then you can no longer move as a newbie. State immigration is now your only option.

In order to stop high level players from moving to a new state and being massively overpowered, state immigration remain unavailable for your state until it is 21 weeks old. This is to give players time to level up and alliances to form with the strength to defend each other. As new state are appearing regularly this milestone will likely be approximately 21 wees after you started playing.

What are the other requirements?
The first requirement to make the move is to have a base of at least level 10. If your state is currently in a Doomsday conquest event then you must also not currently have any troops in the virus research center for healing and also not currently be processing any resources in the processing center.

The main requirement though is a cost. Each move requires you to use Immigration Permits which are items that you must buy with real money. Each permit costs $5 and the amount you need will be given when you choose to move.

The amount is calculated based on your own Total combat power and how you compare to the state you are moving to. If your power would make you the strongest player in the new state then you will have to use a lot of permits. If you are changing to a high powered state and you are a new player this should only cost you 1 permit. Again this is designed to dissuade powerful players from moving to a new state and dominating.

If you have any other questions for state immigration or Last Shelter in general please head to the Answers Page.

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