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How to spec your points for the best performance in Doomsday Conquest

How to spec your points for the best performance in Doomsday Conquest
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The Doomsday Conquest Event tasks you with capturing increasingly infected and dangerous resource plots throughout your state and others to gain influence, and earn resources and rewards. The higher level plots will grant you much greater influence and earn far more resources but achieving the protection levels needed to attack them is not easy.

However you can make use of the speciality points set in the event to give yourself an advantage.

Earning speciality points comes as you level up through earning honor from capturing plots. If you have played a doomsday event before your should already have points available for you to use. You should also have, and will earn more, point reset tokens that let you start the points specification again.

NOTE: The points tree and speciality functions have been updated and reset in the latest doomsday season. This page is being updated to cover these changes as some of the information below is currently out of date.

To quickly get to the higher level plots you need to increase your immunity. This comes from the Virus Research Honor structures that you can build and allow you to heal your troops. Levelling up these buildings will give you higher immunity. With the right points spec though you can build more of the virus research center buildings to give you far greater immunity.

Rememeber though that the honor structures need to be bullt next to Alliance centers. So your alliance has to unlock and place these on the map.

The first 2 virus research buildings (and other honor structures) must be places next to alliance center 1. The 3rd of each type must be places next to AC2, the 4th next to AC3 and the final (5th) of each type next to AC4. If you r alliance has not yet unlocked all 4 centers then you cannot place all the buildings. Check un the alliance menu under 'Building' to see what Centers are available.

Spec'ing your points

To enable you to place extra buildings (you can only place 1 of each initially) you need to place your points in the Blue section (construction) of the speciality Tab. In that screen the points to aim for are called 'Construction Master' and they are set diagonally from the center. There are 4 that you can unlock.
How to spec your points for the best performance in Doomsday Conquest
Aim to reach as many of these as you can, depending on how many Alliance Centers your alliance has placed.
If you can unlock all of the the screen should look like this.
How to spec your points for the best performance in Doomsday Conquest

Once you have done this you can head to your world map and use the build option in the bottom right to find and build the additional honor structures. For your immunity each Virus Research building will give you an immediate 100 points of immunity. Levelling them up will add 100 more points per level.

Once you have placed all of the structures that you can you can now give yourself a further immunity boost by returning to the Speciality tab and using the option to reset your points. Resetting them will not remove any of the structures you have now placed and you will still get benefit from them.

You can place the reset points in any way you want but for maximum immunity you can use them in the Red Combat Speciality' section. If you are able to then head for the unlocks that give you improves troop immunity. The major ones such as show will give a large boost to immunity and to the might of individual troops.

Once you have done this just harvest as much virus samples from occupied farms, forest and water plots as you can to upgrade your unlocks virus research centers. Your immunity will rise and your ability to take over higher level plots will come quicker.

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