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In-app Purchases (IAPs)

In-app Purchases (IAPs)
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In-app purchases in the game can be accessed in different ways. The easiest way though is by clicking on your Gold Coin counter, found on the top-right corner of your command center UI. When you click on the icon, you'll be sent to the "Recharge" window, which basically makes up the different packages of in-game items that the player can purchase with real money.

In-app Purchases (IAPs) (the default window you see when you go to the store -- or simply by tapping the opened-chest-like icon that sits below your Gold currency counter at the top right portion of the screen)

The basic tabs in the "Recharge" window includes:

Daily Hot - displays promotional packages that are only available for a limited time, and usually accompanied by a countdown timer. Depending on your current level in the game, inclusions in the packages are somewhat custom tailored for your needs. Among the usual packages are attuned and categorized to Construction Speed-ups with Gold, Research Speed-ups with Gold, Resource boost with Gold, or Premium Officers.

All Available Package Lists or By Category - initially displays all items, but by clicking on the drop-down button, you can actually show packages according to their category. This ultimately helps players to pick packages specifically sorted according to their needs. Categories includes:

1. Logistical - Basically sorted packages that includes Speed-up items along with Gold.

2. Officer Cultivation - Sorted packages that includes training dummies, signets that are needed to recruit special officers, or assortments of Military Supplies.

3. Soldier- Comprised mostly of Troop Training Speed-up items with Gold.

4. Air Force - includes a variety of items that mainly affect the use of your Air Force like; Troop Training Speed-up items, Special Items (e.g. Advanced gear chest, Enhance Alloy), Research Speed-ups, and Gold.

5. Resource - Includes basic resources like Paint, Plastics, Electricity, Metal, along with Gold.

6. Technology - Comprised mostly of Research Speed-up items, Logical or Military Tech Points, Commander EXP along with Gold.

7. Special Item - Comprised of Special Items (e.g. Magic 8-ball Lottery Tickets) with Versatile Speed-up items and Gold.

8. Other - includes items like VIP Points, varieties of Speed-up items, and Gold.

Help Yourself! - Has two options in its drop-down button. Both of which, allows you to specifically customize the exact items that you need to purchase. Depending on the rate of the package you pick, you'll have equivalent purchasing points which will be used to purchase the different items. These packages also come with a fixed value of Gold to boot.

The first option "Help Yourself" includes items that are helpful with your construction of the command center like the different variants of speed-up items, Recruit Signets, Tan Army Keys, Different types of Resources, Training Dummies, VIP and VIP points, Stamina, Feat, Airstrike, and Different Buffs for your base. The other option "Officer" sends you to a new window that basically allows you to purchase specific officer fragments.

In-app Purchases (IAPs) (the "Help Yourself" lets you handpick the items that you want to purchase -- which somewhat gives you the freedom to evaluate and choose the exact items you need in a package)

Commander Privileges - Includes special features like building queue, double building speed, double research speed, double sign-in rewards, army and base special buffs, marching speed buff, and many more to players that avail them. These privileges are then active and can be enjoyed for 30 days upon purchase. Privileges are also sub-classified to Development Privileges, or Battle Privileges. There are also trimmed down versions of these offers that are cheaper and are effective for a week instead of a 30 days (Weekly Privileges).

Other than that, you can also avail of IAPs through special promos that pop-up every once in while, or during the log-in phase (upon claiming your daily log-in bonus). There is also a small banner that randomly displays Hot packages in the store, that is accessed through the Items tab. Special privileges are also offered/accessed whenever you encounter the need to research or build another building while currently working on one, and the game automatically proposes to you to buy them. Similar case is applied when you need to build something but currently are lacking the resource/s to push through.

In-app Purchases (IAPs) (regular promotional in-app purchases that pops-up whenever you log-in the game)

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