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Quests / Missions
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Quests / Missions

In order to progress in Army Men Strike, players are thrown into a multitude of things to take part into. Initially, while the Game Guides you towards the basic building process, you already are taking part in its quests. Quests are simple actions to perform that usually rewards the player with resources upon completing them. An example of a basic quest in the game is "Upgrade your Headquarters to Level 2" and similar tasks.

To view the lists of quests to fulfill in the game, simply go to the quest tab -- found that bottom-center part of the Command Center UI. When you get there, you'll see that there are 4 tabs to pick from including:

Basic Quests - basic quests take part mostly during your beginner phase. By simply complying to the objectives of the tutorial phase, you already are taking part in fulfilling the basic quests. These are a collection of simple objectives that players get to work on. They usually have things to do with your HQ Development (e.g. Upgrade your Tank Factory to Level 5, Upgrade Nexus to Level 6), Military Growth (e.g. Train 15 Recon Tank, Train 30 Raider), Technology Research (e.g. Research Paint Box I, Research Heal I), Officer Quest (e.g. Upgrade 1 Officer to level 20, Recruit Officer 10 times), Battlefield Quest (e.g. Attack Evil Toy 6 times, Earn 10 Siege Victories), and Other Stuff (e.g. Complete an X number of Quests).

Corps Quests - are relative daily targets for you and your corps members to take part into. The points are then graded for and are collectively achieved by the whole corps. Depending on the tier level that the corps gets to achieve, all its members get a commensurate reward item/s. Rewards are sent automatically after the total score reaches goal (once every day). Some of the things you have to do are: Defeating a Corps Boss, Destroy Secret Bade, Occupy Sub Base, Help Corp Members, Signing-in of Members, etc. Take note that there is a countdown timer for the corps members to collectively reach the goal in this window. This gives you the opportunity to have all members synchronize themselves in trying to achieve the goal.

Quests / Missions (Performing in your corps usually is very rewarding. Aside from the fact that it makes the game more fun, performing Corps Quests usually shower you with different gifts. Not limited to this, each time a member of your Corps accomplishes something, everyone in the Corps gets rewarded. The means, resources and items tend to easily pile up as Corps Gifts).

Daily Quests - Daily quests are particularly arranged, in a way that individual players can actually render a set of requirements, customized for his/her current level. There are always 5 tier levels to achieve in the Daily Quests. Each time you earn enough points to reach a particular tier level, you earn a concluding gift box. More so, higher tier levels in the Daily Quests pertain to have better rewards.

Quests / Missions (Daily Quests are somewhat repetitive chores that you can take part into, and is accomplished step-by-step, every single day. It doesn't matter what requirement you fulfill first, as long as you get to collect the total points -- each tier level of achievement requires you. With proper strategy, it is very much plausible to achieve the Tier 5 bonus everyday -- given that you properly time your troop training, attacks, resource gathering, officer upgrades, and what not.)

Understanding how it works is pretty simple. There are several actions in the game that you can perform, and whenever you successfully do so, it will reward you with a point equivalent to what is stated in that particular action. Tier levels to reach are separated by the total number of points you have successfully earned for that same day.

Achievements - are specially assorted tasks that have a collective theme per achievement. For instance, the is this achievement called "Victory Without War" which tasks players to kill enemy soldiers with simply his/her DEF Facilities. Every time the player reaches the given goals, he/she will earn a star rank on this particular achievement, and will at the same time earn a concluding reward. Take note that Gold is usually rewarded for these "Achievements" -- so it is relatively a good way to earn them for free. The complete list of achievements includes:

Inner Man - building a certain number of Paint Bottle facility.

Industrious Collector - gathering a certain sum of resources.

Victory Without War - killing enemy soldiers with just your DEF facilities.

Merciful Commander - healing a certain number of soldiers.

Reinforcement in a Time of Crisis - a sum of reinforcements killed in total.

Outstanding Leader - sum of kills in a Rally.

Powerful Command Center - upgrading your HQ to a certain level.

Rover - teleporting a number of times (best figured out early in the game where teleport is free).

Diligent Commander - collecting the daily Log-in bonus at a certain term or period.

Technology Advantage - level of completed technology.

This is Mine! - sum of plundered resources.

Quests / Missions (Achievements in the game usually reward you with Gold coins -- which are basically the premium currency of the game. With this, you can purchase almost anything, as well as skip on wait times by paying commensurate value of Gold).

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