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Base Defenses

Base Defenses
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Base Defenses
To employ your base defenses, you must have Defense Facilities built in your Defense Factory. Defense Facilities includes different levels of Mines, Traps, and Turrets. The basic idea is that depending on the number and type of enlisted Defense Facility, and the volume Defense Facilities that your defense line allows you to deploy (per battle), the force of the attacking troops from an enemy player are computed against this value.

Defense Factory - Units produced in this facility are mainly in charge of defending your base. Be sure to collect as much as you can to properly defend your base, and for it to share a bit of increase to your power rating as well.

It isn't as simple as that though. This is where an RPS mechanic comes in. Each and every Defense Facility in the game has somewhat of an advantage and disadvantage to the types of units that your enemy sends to attack you. For instance, a mine can suppress a vehicle, but is weak against an artillery unit. To get over the fact that the artillery unit can easily suppress your Defense Facilities, you should always consider leaving some of your troops and artillery in your command center when taking part in battlefield-based activities (e.g. resource gathering, rally attack, etc.). The same thing is to be considered when you try to attack other player bases.

Base Defenses(the image above shows that an artillery, although effective against all types of Defense Facilities, it can be suppressed by any troop on stand-by inside a base).

So in reality, depending on how you put up your Defense Facilities, and how many you have at your disposal, your Base Defense heavily relies in these figures. Additionally, each time you upgrade your Defensive Line, you somewhat gain defense boosts as seen on the image below (boosts in terms of more capacity for Defense Facilities, and increments from defense bonuses).

Base Defenses
To newbie players, this might not sound as a relevant info that you need to concern yourself about since you are initially protected by an Aegis Shield for your first few days in the game. It is however a subject that becomes all too important to take into consideration when you go past beyond HQ Level 5 as this nullifies the free aegis shield that initially protects you from being plundered by other online players.

Before pushing through with upgrading your HQ past Level 5, make sure you have your base's defensive line intact. In the case that your command center is purged (defeated) by another player, it will burn for 30 minutes - which will give you time to replenish you defenses. When your Command Center Defense drops to 0, your Command Center will be forced to move to another location to another Battlefield map.

Base Defenses(some of the usual buffs you can purchase for your base. Aegis Shield Protection renders you protected from players that plunder other bases for resources)

Ultimately though, the best way to keep yourself out of harms way is still to buff yourself with an Aegis Shield -- which will give you protection from being targeted by other players. A 3-day Aegis Shield can be purchased for 2500 gold, which is by far, the best value. Aegis shield can be purchased in the store -- which is accessed through the "Items" tab when you are in your Command Center UI. Aegis Shield variants are found on the "Buff" section.

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