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Located next to your HQ, the Chinook is where you enter the "Special Operation". For the most part, You'd probably spend most of your time here, particularly when starting the game, as it can provide you with limitless attempt in playing and trying to succeed in its levels. To boot, even after beating a level, it would still re-spawn an enemy after a few hours time.

Note: Upgrading the Chinook will unlock more officer slots in the Special Operation (slots for those that can participate in the battles there) and increase War Flag duration.

Inside the Special operation, you are basically tasked to defend your house from the sporadic attacks of the Tan Army. A succession of battle locations will gradually be revealed there as you defeat the ones that are currently available. In return, defeating the levels would reward you with a collection of items including Training dummies, and a variety of supply boxes -- all of which are necessary in upgrading/promoting your officers.

Additionally, this is where Secret Bases are opened by your corps -- which all your members can take part into. This is a special activity where your collective effort as a group (corps) can bring down strong enemy bases - which in return, will grant your random reward items.

There are certain posts too in each stage in the Special Operation, where you get to battle boss like elements (usually their levels of difficulty is set higher when compared to other spots) and will reward you with speed-up items, and supply chests.

You also get to secure supply points, and then design the levels yourself in order to gain income from them per hour. As long as you take control of a particular supply point, you may collect the item that it produces (usually supply boxes and training dummies).

Chinook(This is where you play mostly the RTS part of the game, where you are tasked to deploy your units on pre-selected spots and let them do the rest. What you could do to help is give them buffs, heal them, or strategically build your roster of officers to handle different battle situations).

Lastly, this is where you get to play Counterattack - a special in-game event where you try to breach and break the tan army defense line. As you break higher levels of defense line, you get to earn more loot credits -- which you can use to purchase different stuff in the loots store. Items that you can buy there include a specific Officer fragment, Training Dummies, & a variety of Resource Packages.


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