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Trade Kills

Trade Kills
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Trade Kills are important during the weekend - might it be a Deep Battle week, or a regular Wargame one. The point is, you'll always need to clear 3 tiers of the event per day during Saturdays and Sundays. What you'll need is to kill a number of soldiers depending on your HQ level. The more you kill, the higher you stack up in the event's ranking system too.

The thing is, kill-soldier days tend to weigh heavy in the daily individual events - hence people are crazy over killing each other. This is relatively ok during the first few months of the battlefield. However, if the battlefield reaches a plateau and there seems to be less and less active players around, there wouldn't be much people to kill for the event. Hence, trade kills came into light.

What you basically do is stack up a bunch of low tiered soldiers that are to be used for trade killing. Some people do it with other ally corps, or in most instances, their own farm accounts. To start, both parties must have enough troops to be killed and healed. Players usually trains Tier 1 soldiers as they are easiest to upkeep, and cheapest to heal afterwards (to be used over and over again). Tier 4 soldiers would score twice as much, but will require more than double the resources to heal.

When both parties are ready for a trade kill, one of them will place a number of troops in a resource plot. To wound the soldiers without the much damage to both parties, it is best to attack a player's resource gathering troops. Also make sure that no one uses specially trained soldiers with Guided Attack Course - because this effect will perform instant kills on the gathering troops of the other player. Make sure not to use Ellen as officer too for the same reason.

Per 100k Tier one troops, you'll basically shell out 2 million plastic/paint. Each player needs about 2-5 sets of 100k troops per day which will total 20 million resources for the entire weekend. This will ensure that you'll get the rewards of the battlefield sweeping event too. What this does is give you tremendous corps honor and versatile speed-ups that you can later use to beat the Inferno Event. Additionally, you'll need healing speed-ups to easily and instantly revive your troops in the hospital.

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