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The Game

The main selling point of this game is that it has a great number of following. A large number of players means the game's world actively draws out wars from different parties playing the game. And when a large number of active competition is always present in the game, it means it will never get boring as threat is imminent. If you wish to play a skirmish game, you have all these sorts of missions to take part into if you do not want to take part in corps battles or go about ransacking other players' bases. Similar to other MMORTS games though, players should be mindful that they won't get very far in this game if they play on their own.

Game Progress

Success in the game is measured in your power rating. There are different sections in the game where your power rating is displayed. Mainly, you see this in your mainhub UI as the number rating with a green gun icon. Whenever you upgrade your buildings, learn something new from a research, or by simply adding new officers, trainees, and simply upgrading them, you'll see an increment in your power rating. This basically equates to how strong you are in the game. The concept is to drive players to try and achieve a great power rating to show-off some sort of prowess that would deter players that are weaker than you (by comparing their power rating from yours).

Basics(image above shows upgrade process on facilities which basically promotes game progress as upgrading buildings would result to increase in your power rating)

Strength will also take part in selling yourself to strong corps (alliances) for them to invite you. People tend to stay away from "known" strong corps in the game world -- which in return will get you some sort of protection from being ransacked by other players. Apart from this, the best part of having a great power rating is that it is very satisfying to see your attacking infantry winning battles effortlessly.

Losing from a Raid

If you launch an attack but fail to destroy at least 50% of its key standing structures in the total allowed time, it will count as a loss in your part. As a penalty in return, you lose all of the attacking force that you've sent. In the special ops in the game though, you may simply re-do the stage if you fail to complete its requirements without any penalty.

Your Attack Force

Your Army men are the very backbone of your raids. Depending on the Officers present, their ranks, and the number and quality of soldiers you train, you get an equivalent military power. Generally these units are trained in different buildings on your battle center, and depending on the level of the building, you get an equivalent quality of soldier or unit. Officer on the other hand are like heroes that takes quite a while to collect and strengthen. Although generally stronger that regular units, they can be made more effective by promoting them and upgrading them. Take note though that winning raids or skirmishes is not heavily reliant on this. More importantly, winning requires strategic troop management by planning of how, where, and when to engage your units.

Basics(image above shows what it looks like attacking other player bases in the battlefield)

Defending your Command Center

At any point in time (or at least when your HQ gets past through 5th level), your free "Aegis shielding" will be forfeited -- meaning, other players can now actually attack your base. There are several ways to be prepared for this, and one much straightforward approach is to purchase additional Aegis Shielding. Even if you get past through your 3 days free Aegis shield, it is relatively easy to save enough gold coins to extend this protection at least 2 to 3 days time (purchasing the 3-day Aegis for 2500 gold coins). 2500 gold coins isn't that hard to collect especially if you do not usually spend your gold to speed up progress in your construction.

Basics(image above shows Aegis Shield Protection rendered to newbie players)

When you do not have the resources to purchase Aegis shield though, you can at least prevent or mitigate troop casualty by simply doing any of these:

- If you see that your troop are under attack, you may opt to withdraw them before the enemy arrives.

- If your command center is under attack, you may opt to send all of the soldiers out (by sending them to missions like gathering resources and stuff) before your enemy arrives and engage you.

- Check your hospital and its basic capacity to handle soldiers. When you always check the hospital capacity and your actual number of soldiers, you can effectively mitigate casualties whenever there is an attack.

- If by any chance that your command center is always ransacked by other players, consider teleporting to another place randomly or through the use of Advanced Teleport if you have a specific place in mind.

- Additionally, you may want to join a corps (the alliances in this game) as they could potentially ward off threats from other players. Your corps members couldn't attack you as well so staying in proximity with them (or their bases) will most probably grant you a safe haven from attackers. Having an alliance with strong players will also serve as a deterrent from other attacking party.

Additional Info:

Since you'll have to build your way up, this means you'll have to equally work hard to collect the resources, needed to avail your army and upgrade the buildings that will train them. This is where the farming part of the game comes in. Apart from simply ransacking other players for their resources, there are actually a lot of easy ways to collect resources in the game other than simply doing the missions, obtaining them from bonuses, and collecting them from your resource collectors in your command center.

Gathering Resources More quickly:

- When scouring the world or the battlefield map (starts at garden/backyard), Players may send away troops that would pick-up resources scattered around the place. Like a mission, it takes time for the troops to collect the pertaining material you want. Initially (during your tutorial phase in the game), you'll be able to gather around 10,800 units of the item per hour at a time. There are several ways though to increase this amount to make it somewhat more efficient way of obtaining additional resources.

- You might want to send higher level soldiers. Higher level soldiers can gather more units of resources at a time which significantly makes it worth your while (especially that it takes several hours per mission before they get back). Additionally, there are several key points of research to upgrade that directly affects your gathering efficiency. On top of this, although optional (as it usually is purchased with real money), you may use the "Gather Bonus" item that are usually suggested by the game. These items usually raise your gathering speed.

- Lastly, the game usually showers players different reward items (for every milestone in the game) that can instantly provide you with resources (usually plastics, paint, and gold).

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