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Tutorial Phase

Tutorial Phase
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When you play the game the first time, it'll show a short prologue -- seemingly presenting the overarching lore of the game. Essentially, the kid that owned all the toys had grown up -- leaving the toys untouched and set aside. While some toys went rogue, the battle over control of the toy kingdom was fiercely fought by the green and tan colored army men. This is where the player comes in, as a newly appointed captain, you get to lead your own infantry divsion and grow your own operation to help gain control of the situation.

Tutorial Phase(Officer Victoria guiding you through the tutorial phase of the game)

At the onset, the game drops you in a very concise tutorial stage. To brief you with all the systems and sub-systems of the game, you'll take part in a step-by-step guide -- endorsing you the different actions to take and their relative benefits or purpose. During this time, you'll learn that all things come at a price in the game. Mostly when constructing or doing anything that relates to your progress, you'll be asked to wait for a commensurate duration of time. At this point, you see the tree structures of progress, and learn that before you can upgrade a certain building/structure, you must see to it that you've managed to acquire all its pre-requisites.

Apart from participating in building structures in your command center, the tutorial phase would also cover the basics of missions and would nonetheless get you to work on a few stages to give you an idea the relative benefits you get when doing the missions. Out of all the things that give you (the much needed) resources when you are just a beginner in the game, taking part in the missions is probably the most rewarding.

Tutorial Phase(image above shows you the guided procedures when you are just starting the game)

And speaking of rewards, you'll also be introduced with the relative importance of each type of resource in the game. As you'd play the game for a day or two, you'd realize that the game has lots of different resources that are used for different purposes. And though the game would not brief you each type, playing the game for a while would give you an idea for each of these currencies' purpose.

To get in and around the different sections of the game, it'll hint you where to go for specific courses of actions that it wants you to do. And given that it uses a freemium business model, it will pitch in every once in a while the importance of special items that gives players some sort of boost or advantage -- for a fee of course.

And though not necessarily implying that you have to pay money in order to earn progress, the basic conclusion is that, when you choose to pay, things would surely be easy for you. For instance, if you want to secure your base from being ransacked by other players, you might want to purchase an Aegis Shield which does the job - but priced for a ton of gold.

By all means, it is relatively plausible to earn gold free in the game. The thing is, the time needed to earn this amount of gold is not that easy and is far from equal to the time the shield would be rendered. Like if you needed a 3-day Aegis Shield. If you are way past the beginner level (say level 16 or so), obtaining 2500 gold coins would surely take more than just 3 days to complete.

Nonetheless, there are several ways to make sure you do not bleed all that much and safeguard your resources and your army when being attacked by other players.

Note: Although the game constantly offers such perks, it is by no means forcing players to purchase things in order to progress in the game. During your time as a beginner too, it'll shower you with lots of benefits like free teleport, free aegis shield, free VIP status and a lot more so make sure to make the most out of them.

During the tutorial phase too, you'll receive different items used to either buff you in some sort of way, or shave off a fraction of the wait times while constructing something or even when researching. During the beginner levels, you'll receive a lot of these items, so make sure to keep them and put them to good use later in the game as they tend to be more useful when you reach much higher levels in the game.

When you are almost finished with basics, Victoria (the one who'll mostly do the tutoring part) would continue to instruct you to carry on with the quests (mostly upgrading buildings and putting up stuff like a number of soldiers and the like), which is attuned to progressively building your command center and its key structures. That sums up what is covered in the beginner tutorial. However, whenever a new sub-system of the game comes to light (When you are introduced to some new things when you reach a specific HQ level) it'll nonetheless give you proper introduction to it and give you an idea of their basic purpose.

Tutorial Phase(image above shows the command center during the beginner levels)

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