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Airforce Gears and Components

Air Force, apart from Officers is one thing that generally makes a difference in a player's overall performance. It is very useful in different things like improving your marches, improving your efficiency in resource production and collection, empowering your troops, and improves you overall power rating as well.

However, everything that has to do with Air Force is somewhat the most expensive or time consuming process to improve. For one thing, Air Force supply (which grant you free air force gears), only gives you one random gear every 8 hours. Only when you get to draw your 100th gear will only be the time it will give you a legendary gear (usually from a commercial set too).

You can also recycle unwanted gears and sell them for Air Force coins. Air Force coins are generally the currency that lets you purchase special Air Force gears in the "Black Market" tab in the "Refit" room in your Air Force Factory, or some Enhancement alloys to upgrade your Air Force Gears individually.

If you are good enough at saving these coins, it can even let you purchase the Stormwind Plane for a whooping 40,000 AF coins price tag (10,000 each part). Otherwise, if you do not want to go through all that trouble, you might simply purchase them via IAP (In-app-purchase).

Different sets of gears give you different buffs. Some gears also become "more" effective when you equip them as a set. Nevertheless, picking the right type of gear for when you are in "farming" mode, or in "battle" mode can make a huge difference in the game. There are also modifiers to how each gear can grant you passive buffs. Depending on the type of gear, you can use a number of "Identification Magnifier" item to reveal a random set of extra passive buffs (random in value but you can also reset them with a special reset item).

Other than this, there is also a section for Air Force Components. They are the tetris-shaped components that are very difficult to get your hands on. Probably the easiest way to purchase them is by having enough AMS coins and purchasing them in the trade room when it becomes available. Usually, players across all battlefields post their components there for a relatively cheap price. You can also particularly pick the 1-tile ones so that you can use 9 different passive buffs at a time.

There is also a 50% upkeep cost deduction kind of passive buff that is sold through packaged IAP for only $20, along with other items and sum of gold.

Extra Tip: To get Free (non-IAP purchased) AMS points, you can sell your unused Legendary gear in the trade room if it becomes available. Usually, they sell fast with players given the right price. Occasionally, the game also rewards really good Air Force Items through the 7-day Battlefield Supplies under the Bonus Tab in the event center so make sure to always check.

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