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Inferno Event
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ferno Events are continously running events alongside Individual Events. However, instead of daily resets, Inferno Events resets every after 4 hours. However, the requirements to fill in are pretty tricky. Usually, there are two types of requirements. But the one that you'll mostly get the chance with is the one that requires the 5 minute, 1 Hour, and 8 Hour versatile speedups to gain points. The reason for this is that these are the only speedups where you could actually obtain by qualifying in battlefield sweeping events, and/or training your corps honor for the versatile speedups. Alternatively, you can also purchase 8Hour speedup in store for gold (which would be counterproductive, but at least the option is there).

The nice thing about Inferno Event is that not everyone bothers to qualify to its third tier which qualifies the player to receive a certain set of rewards if they placed 1st to 3rd in the event ranking. 1st place (having the most points) will reward you 5000 gold along with some useful bunch of items. 2nd will receive 3000 gold, and the 3rd 2000 gold. This is apart from the rewards you get for reaching the 3 tiers of the event itself (the third and final tier rewards you with 1k Gold plus items).

When you perform this during a Battlefield Development day, you'll receive additional rewards for clearing the tiers of the Inferno Event.


Inferno Event needs specific speed ups as listed:
5 minute versatile speedup = 150 points
1 hour versatile speedup = 1500 points
8 hour versatile speedup = 9500 points

What you can easily procure are the 5 minute and 1 hour versatile speedups. To earn them, you can perform trade kills with another player or your farm account. Different HQ levels require different number of kills for their Battlefield Sweeping days (non-deep battle weekend). For instance, if you're in HQ21-25, you'll most likely need at 300,000 - 500,000 T1 troop kills. This is the most efficient way to gather points as the next option which are T4 troops will require higher healing costs for only twice the points.

That said, each player or farm account (exchanging trade kills) will have to put up at least 100,000 T1 troops, several hours worth of heal-speedups (from happy purchase), and 2 million plastic (per heal of 100000 troops). Also make sure that you have hospital room for the 100,000 troops. If you are targeting to kill 500,000 soldiers, that will equate to preparing at least 10 million plastic - per day (sat and sun).

What it does:

Upon completing 3 tiers of the battlefield sweeping event, you'll generally get tons of 1 hour and 5 minute versatile speedups along with 900,000 corps honor -- which can be used to purchase additional 1 hour or 8 hour versatile speedups from the corps store. For the two day battlefield sweep event, you'll easily collect enough speedups to complete an Inferno Event.

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