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Officer Exchange

Officer Exchange
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You might have wondered how high level players have rare officers that have a rank of 12 where it is already very difficult to procure fragments of say a Class A officer. What people do is basically trade officers like Bull, Victoria, Martin, and any of the officers rewarded for Corps Boss Battles.

As you probably know how often you get fragments of these officers, it is best to max them to rank 12 and then use them as trade officers in officer exchange. What this does is get you a random officer (depending on your luck), to be exchanged with what you have. Its Level, Promotion, and Rank remains the same. So for instance, If you trade a Bull that is level 40, 4-star, and rank 12, you'll get a different officer with the same upgrade.

The trick is you'll have to spin for an officer first prior to putting the officer that you want to trade. Every time you spin for officer exchange, you'll consume one officer exchange ticket -- which do not come cheap. Usually, they are obtained from IAP packs, and are rarely given as event prizes. Nonetheless, there are rare packages that are sold for cheap but has a couple of officer exchange refresh tickets with them.

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