Army Men Strike

Battlefield Service Center Event

Battlefield Service Center Event
Army Men Strike Guide

A special event that occurs randomly (usually a mail is sent by AMS to inform players about the upcoming event) and stays for a whole week. The event usually has three tiers, and points are garnered depending on the specified task. For instance, if the task is to spend gold, you'll earn 10 points for every gold spent (on any items on the store or when using gold as speedup). Apart from earning the reward items on each tier of the event, you can also spend the accumulated "Activeness Points" to purchase some of the listed items in the Battlefield Service Center Tab. Among the important items to purchase here are are:

Military Tech Points - 37500 activeness points for every 5000 Pack
Logistical Tech Points - 37500 activeness points for every 5000 Pack
1000 Vip Points - 50000 activeness points
*50% March Acceleration - 50000 activeness points (maximum of 3)
*8 hour Resource Plot Aegis Shield - 22500 activeness points (maximum of 3)
Airforce Lucky Supply Ticket - 45500 activeness points
Identification magnifier - 280000 activeness points
Enhance Alloy - 700 activeness points
1000 Tactical Points - 14000 activeness points

*Most sought after item in the Battlefield Service Center Event

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