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Money Box
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Money Box

The money box basically ensures players that they are left with some resources whenever other players plunder their bases. Take note though that depending on the level of your Money Box, the resource protection amount is increased. During your early levels in the game, the figure that the money box protects are usually commensurate to the usual value that you might need.

However, the value that it protects becomes irrelevant once you reach higher levels, where you might need higher amounts of resources to keep your operations (upkeep) and strength standing firmly. Nonetheless, the Money Box ensures that new players have the chance to grow before being plundered or targeted by other players.

The image below shows details of the money box, and the ceieling value of the resources it can protect:

To upgrade your Money Box, you must have your HQ level higher than the Money Box itself, and upgrade at least one Paint Bottle (resource collector) equivalent to the targeted level of Money Box upgrade (e.g. Level 7 Money Box requires at least one Level 7 Paint Bottle).

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