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Improving Officers

Improving Officers
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Improving Officers

There are several ways to improve your officer in the game. Mainly, they are either to Upgrade, Promote, or increase their Rank. This has nothing to so with their Class type (Class C,B,A,S) as you cannot improve on that any further. To render any improvements in an officer, simply go to the Officer Tab, found at the bottom left part of the UI in your command center, and from there, pick the particular officer you wish to improve.

When it displays the particular Officer that you picked, apart from the stats that you will see there, there will be three buttons found at the bottom part of the screen. These are the three options you have to improve on that Officer.

Improving Officers (The image above shows you the three options of improving the Officer -- mainly found at the bottom of the screen when you have selected an officer. From left to right, you can either upgrade, promote or increase their rank to improve them [stat-wise] and/or their functions)

Upgrade - is the current level of the Officer. You may see the current level of the Officer below its avatar. It is indicated as "Lv. X" where "X" pertains to its current level. To increase the level of an officer, you will have to use training dummies on them. Training dummies can be obtained as reward items on the "Special Operation", both from beating the levels there, or by capturing a supply point and farming training dummies from it as long as you have control of that particular supply point.

Improving Officers

When an Officer level's up, you basically increase its Leadership (which dictates the number of soldiers he/she can bring with him/her in battle), DPS (Damage/Sec which effectively increases it overall attack rating), and its HP (which dictates how much damage it can take in the battles).

Promote - is indicated as the star rating of the Officer. The indicator value sits right beside the Officer's current Level. To promote an officer, you will have to use private supply boxes on them. There are numerous types of supply boxes in the game, and they are subdivided in levels similar to bronze, silver, and gold. To get you the total number of the higher valued supply box, you may fuse together a number of lower quality supply boxes (which the game automatically does for you).

Supply boxes can be obtained as reward items on the "Special Operation" from beating the levels there. Alternatively, they are also found on several gift packs that are usually rewarded by the game from doing quests, or from various bonus chests. Take note though that there are pre-requisite "Officer Levels" before you are even allowed to promote them (this is apart from the supply box needed to do so).

When an Officer is promoted, you basically gain new passive skills for that particular officer. They usually vary and are different between different Officers. These passive skill lends special attributes on the officer that are beneficial either on battles, or during gathering of resources when in battlefield expeditions. Sometimes, you also get to unlock special skills that are beneficial and are activated when a particular officer is assigned to the "Departments". An example of a skill you earn when promoting an officer is as seen on the image below.

Improving Officers

Here, when you get to promote Officer Victoria to 3 stars, she'll have two new skills. First is Commando Defense -- which increases her defense by 12% when in battle. This take effect when she is sent marching. Next, she also gets the skill "Energy Enhancement" which increases the initial "Energy" (used to cast a skill) allotted in every mission by 28 units, when participating in the Special Operation.

Rank - lastly, you may increase an Officer's rank by fusing officer fragments similar to the officer that you wish to improve, or fuse together two similar officers. The indicator value sits right beside the Officer's current star-rating. Increasing the rank of an officer basically improves the effectivity of his/her current skills. For the given example below, reaching the third level will increase the Officer's HP (from 4% to 6%), the Damage value of her special skill (from 875 to 1008), and Energy Enhancement which increases the initial energy alloted in every mission (from 16 to 17).

However, knowing how hard it is to procure officers -- let alone officer fragments, it takes quite a while to actually improve on their ranks unless you have the money to spend in order to purchase them specifically in the Officer store (via IAPs). Nonetheless, you can keep doing free spins every day, or participate in the Special Operation doing the levels there or playing the "Counterattack" which also trades your loot points for a specific officer fragment called "Wayne".

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