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Army Men Strike might not be too late in the RTS game category and to boot, is one of the more polished and better titles to pick. Despite having it released for over a year (2017), the new servers just keeps coming and being flocked with new players. There isn't much bad to say about the game aside from the fact that its IAPs are quite expensive. There was only one being promoted to be a dollar worth ($1.00) and it wouldn't even get you anywhere far in the game.

Nonetheless, it gives enough breathing room for the new comers, as it offers free resource buffers, as well as a few days of free protection. It is quite complex for a casual gamer, but the in-game tutorial should be sufficient to ease you in to the basic mechanics of the game. There are a couple of activities too on the side to keep you busy while you are waiting for your training troops to arrive or during upgrades.

As with any other RTS game, offline playing isn't allowed, although you wouldn't have to worry as it does not hog a lot of your bandwith while your on mobile connection. Nonetheless, keep in mind that system updates are regular in this game, so be mindful when trying to update the game (especially if you rely on mobile internet service).

Considering the game's business model and how hard it is advance on the latter levels, those entitled enough to purchase IAPs without a second thought are ought to benefit compared to those that choose not to shell out any real money for the game. But, given that this is a good game with a free price tag, you really can't complain. The good side is, progress is still within reach -- most especially when you put a lot of time to the game.

Online players are quite helpful and friendly too. Given that there is a lot of things that a Corps can do (the alliances in the game) more than plunder or attack other Corps, the tension is not that infuriating and newbie players can still have a room to grow their accounts before delving into more hectic player to player battles. Try it and play it for at least 3 days to see for yourself if this game is a keeper!

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