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Farm Accounts

Farm Accounts
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One of the secrets of progressing fast in the game is having a farm account. Basically, farm accounts serve two different purposes. One is for hitting it for Silver and Resources, and the other one is to have your own soldier factory for trade kills. If you are patient and smart enough the scope and limitations of each function, you can actually make a decent farm account in a few days time.

For Silver and Resources:

Basically, you'll want the farm account to work the whole week collecting resources from rss collectors and resource plots. At the end of the week, you'll gain resources and silver that your main account can then farm. Silver can purchase a couple of important things like 24 hour Aegis, Recruit Signets, Identification Magnifier, and some speedups. During the first few weekends of your farm account though, it is best to leave its silver alone for it to easily procure 24 hours aegis for itself to grow.

For Trade Kills:

You might want to reach to at the very least HQ15. This would unlock a lot of the resource collectors within the base which it would need to easily procure resources for healing, and upkeep of the soldiers you need. What you'll need is to stick to Tier 1 troops as they are the cheapest ones to heal, and easiest to maintain (upkeep costs). Having 100k tier 1s would easily clear the battlefield sweeping event for 2 to 3 hits.

Additional Notes:

To make a farm account, you'll have to create a new google or Facebook account. Before loading a new account however, you should make sure to have bound your progress from another account which you can access again later on. If you are not confident in swapping accounts in one device, you can take the safe measure of using another mobile device.

To get to the accounts section, simply click on your avatar, and from there, click on the gear (settings) icon on the top right portion of the screen, and then choose account. If it is your first time there, you'll be given the option to bind your account (the progress of the current game) to a Google Play account, or a Facebook account. From here, you also have the option to "Switch Account" which will literally just switch between your accounts, or the option to "Start a New Game".

If you start a new game (for your farm account), take note that you'll always be placed on the latest server. However, if the battlefield you wish to stay in is a different and older battlefield, new accounts have a special teleport item that enables them to transfers on different battlefields. You have this option until you reach HQ level 6. For starters, you should take the time to facilitate your growth within the latest battlefield as they tend to have lots of battlefield buffs and bonuses. Not until you're about to level up to HQ level 6, will you have to transfer to battlefield of your choice.

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