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Special Operation
What is Special Operation?

Special Operation is a real time strategy gameplay in Army Men Strike. You can maneuver your infantry and officers to destroy enemy targets. In the game itself though, you'll only need to send your officers, and it costs no extra troops from your command center. You will win the battle after destroying the enemy HQ. You can research technology to unlock more officer slots in special operation. Additionally, there are levels where you are rewarded with new officer recruits by completing them.

Special Operation(This is where you'll mostly play the RTS part of the game. Here, you are tasked to deploy your Officers, along with their troops [which is increased as they increase their leadership stat], deploy them on select spots, and then letting them do the rest. To help them succeed in their mission, you could help them with certain skills like pointing them a point of interest, giving them buffs, heal them, or better yet -- strategically building your roster of officers to handle different battle situations).

Special Operations are the basic missions that you can take part into, which do not require plundering other player bases in order to acquire resources in the game. Special operations are the skirmish missions where players get to strategize their infantry deployment, even picking the right officers to do the job, and put their best efforts to overcome each and every challenge thrown by the levels of the game.

During the tutorial phase, you'd participate not only in enhancing your command center or your power, but also in a series of activities that generally bring you the resources. That said, you'd eventually reach a point where you'll be introduced with "Special Operations". This comes right after you put up and upgrade your "Chinook", as it basically serves as the portal to the "Special Operations" levels. To get to the special operations at any point in time, simply click on the Chinook (beside your HQ), and pick the option "Attack".

Special Operation
The "Special Operations" part of the game is envisioned as a battlefield setting that is constantly embroiled with the battles of the green army (you), and the tan colored army (computer AI). What you are basically tasked to do is to secure and regain control of certain portions of the map, 1 mission at a time. Take note too that overtime, the tan army gets to re-secure a particular area that you have previously gained, and would enable you to re-play the particular challenge.

Each time you beat a challenge, the next time that a challenge re-occurs in that same area, its level of difficulty usually increases, which would normally mean it becomes harder to beat -- unless you get to constantly strengthen, promote, or recruit stronger officers that would on the other hand result to beating the challenge just as easy.

Special Operation
The first time you get into the Special Operations, the levels are obscured and are revealed as you beat the ones currently available to you. There are entry spots too that are eternally there -- in a sense that they are challenges that different players can set records with. These spots are called "Supply Point" and when you gain control of them, it would reward you with training dummies every set duration.

To gain control of them, you simply have to beat the challenge -- set by the last player in control of it. Normally, after beating the given challenge, the game would ask you how to position the defense units available to you there. Unless other players challenging the level wouldn't be able to beat the challenge, you get to farm training dummies from it.

Another interesting spot in the Special Operations is the "Counter Attack". Counter attack is a mini-game with its very own reward system built around it. Basically, you'll have to break through Tan Army's defense line to gain loots which can be exchanged for rewards in the store.

Special Operation
There are several targets along the Tan Army's defense line though, and you can take any of the challenges available there. Before you pick, you'd see their difficulty ratings (level based), and the appropriate rewards after you successfully beat them. To boot, you could also ask for help from your corps, and get to use up to two "Assist Officers" that they'll send you. You can freely use these officers for 2 hours. On the other hand, if you were to be the one "lending the "Assist Officer" from your personal roster, it won't necessarily "occupy" that particular officer and you can still send the same officer to assist multiple allies at the same time -- as every 2 minutes, you can assist anyone in need from your corps.

To game is played very similar to that in the levels found in Special Operations. The main difference is that there would be an infinite wave of tan army taking you up for the challenge. Note though, that every time you defeat them, the gradually increase their level of difficulty (along with the rewards). If you get to a point where you cant beat any of the available challenge, you'll have to wait until the counterattack stage challenge countdown resets.

When you are in the counter attack window too, you'll have 4 tabs available to you. By default, when you get there, you are in the Target tab, where you basically get to pick which point in the enemy's defense line you wish to attack. When you click in any of the targets, you'll have to option to either "Attack", or "Scout". Attack option would of course go straight to the challenge, while the Scout option will simply give you a glimpse of the concluding challenge.

Seek Aid - for the times that the level of challenge gains a toll on your available officers, you may seek help from stronger people in your corps. When they grant you help, you may pick through the officers that can appropriately tackle the given challenge. Take note though that you can only enlist two officers at a time -- and would be there to help you for full two hours. Nonetheless, you can always ask for help again from your corps after they expire. When you are in the "Seek Aid" tab, the corps members will be displayed according to their current power rating. Obviously, higher power rating members would most likely have stronger officers.

Assist - in this tab, you are basically given the chance to respond to your corps members requesting for aid. There is no direct reward for sending help to your corps, although it usually helps you and your corps co-members meet daily targets (collective scores) in the Corps Quest.

Loots Store - this tab shows you a list of items that you may purchase in exchange for the loots that you acquire from beating the levels of counter-attack. Items found here range from Officer fragments, training dummies, Logical and Military Tech point (can be used when researching about development and officers' technology), and a variety of resource supply chests.

Additional useful info:

Fuhrer's Secret Base (how to start the challenge)

Fuhrer's Secret Base is accessed on the top most left corner of the Special Opertion map (near the "Blockade" level). To start it, it should be initiated by your corps leader or any R3 member of the corps. When participating in the challenge, you are given several stages which need to be cleared in a particular sequence. The challenge lasts for a certain period of time, and can be cleared by the participant for that whole duration. Any concluding challenge can only be initiated by the corps after this duration ends.

After your leader successfully opens a challenge, all actively participating corps members can join and start the attack. Each member has a limited amount of attack chances each round. After each battle, the remaining state of the stronghold is saved and other members can continue to attack. Rewards are sent as corps gifts after a stronghold is successfully destroyed.

Special Operation Sweep Tickets

There are 4 types of Special Operations sweep tickets. They are easily identified by their names (e.g Special Operation Sweep Ticket I). Depending on the level indicated in the sweep ticket that you have, you'll have to option to clear completely a portion of the Special Operation Map.

Special Operation Sweep Ticket I - used to clear stages 1 to 20 immediately once.
Special Operation Sweep Ticket II - used to clear stages 1 to 40 immediately once.
Special Operation Sweep Ticket III - used to clear stages 1 to 60 immediately once.
Special Operation Sweep Ticket IV - used to clear stages 1 to 80 immediately once.

benefits of using the sweep tickets, automatically reveals all the challenges that are normally presented to you 2 to 3 levels at a time. At the same time, clearing the given level would also result of earning the equivalent rewards given to all those levels -- including officer recruits, or their fragments.

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