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Hints and Tips (for new players)

Hints and Tips (for new players)
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Even if your are pretty familiar to similarly designed RTS games, it takes a few days or several hours in it at least to get to fully familiarize and level yourself with the mechanics of Army Men Strike. For one thing, there are tons of ways to increase your power rating -- which is primarily the objective of the game, as well to learn the best way to earn resources and important stuff in the game. Hence, we devised this "beginner's hint and tip page". Feel free to check out some of the things that you might miss while playing your first few days of the game.

1. Free teleport - beginners have access to free teleport in the game. This is a rather important perk that most of the new players miss to check and use -- prior to leveling up their HQ past level 5 or after 3 days in the game. New players must familiarize themselves with the different interfaces of the game. Basically, there are really just two to start with; the Command Center interface, and the Battlefield Interface.

While you get to do some of the major infrastructure building and upgrades inside your command center, the battlefield shows you the vastness of the outside world where you see other players' command centers. The battlefield interface is where you get to attack rogue toys, team-up with you corps to battle boss toy battles, and even plunder other player bases.

The importance of the free teleport is to properly situate you near your corps so that it will be efficient to work with them when performing corps-related activities such as boss battles. Additionally, you might want to use this free teleport as it situates you specifically onto a spot that you want (preferably near lots of resources or in the middle of less powerful individuals). This might not sound much, but when you get to pay for teleport later on in the game, you'll see how much difference it should've made if you'd maximize this free use. Also, using teleport a number of times will garner you some milestone in the "Achievement" section (found at the Quest tab in your command center) called "Rover" in the game. For instance, using teleport 5 times will reward you with 200 Gold.

2. Join an Active Corps - See whether the time zone of the members coincide with your play time to maximize the benefits that the whole corps receive. A large crowd playing at the same time can also properly synchronize their attacks to defeat bosses more easily. It does not matter what part you play in defeating a boss, as long as you've participated, you'll all receive great prizes. Not limited to this, corps members can send you help on a lot of things in the game including help on building, help on sending you assist officers (used in special operation), and many more. An active Corps also tend to provide somewhat a sense of security from other plundering players not belonging to your group.

3. Complete Daily Quest - Performing the Daily Quest (found in the Quest Tab) is a great way to progress more rapidly in the game. The series of task as not that hard to do as long as you properly appropriate the time for all the tasks required. The main target is to reach past 2300 points every day to earn the biggest reward which includes stuff like free recruit spin, and tons of useful stuff. This is relatively plausible even without having to purchase via IAPs. The 3 things that are not likely to be perform will only include "Heal Wounded" +100 points, "Promote Officer" +300 points, and Claim Privileges Reward (IAP) +500 points. Even without these goals, you'll still end up with 2350 points in total -- which is enough to earn you the Daily Reward Chest 5.

Daily Reward Chest 5 includes:

1. Recruit Signet x1 - free recruit spin
2. 100 Gold
3. Common Chest I x50 - random supply boxes, used to promote your officers
4. Private Exclusive Supply Chest x50 - random supply boxes, used to promote your officers
5. 30-minute VIP - provides VIP status
6. Paint x85,000
7. Plastic x85,000

Apart from this, you'd also earn all the Daily Reward chests that usually includes 5000 Commander Exp, Sweep Tickets, Free Airstrike II, and lots of Resources.

4. Follow Quest - if you are confused about the arrangement or sequence of builds inside your command center, you might just want to check on your "current quest task" shown on top of the chat box at the bottom part of the screen when inside your command center UI. What that dictates usually is the proper arrangement of what you should do next in order to progress. If it confuses you which building to upgrade (for instance you are not yet familiar with them), go over in the quest tab, and you'll see a banner of the currently required task in Basic Quest tab. On the right part of the banner, you'll see the button "Go" which automatically sends you to the proposed task (whichever building requires an upgrade). After completing the task, go back to the Quest Tab, and claim the reward for that particular task that you have completed to earn free resources.

5. Always Check Mail - mail isn't all just messages from garnering milestones in the game or as messages for event updates or system updates. A lot of times, the game also sends reward packages through the mail. During seasonal events, or when a game update is available, the system usually gives players some bonus items that are particularly helpful to beginners as the items tend to be just as useful to aged players. What this means is that you'd probably get millions of resources by checking your mail and doing nothing at all. A lot of new players miss this -- which do not expire anyway, but should've been drastically useful during their early days of the game.

6. Keep HQ at level 5 - at least before you go past 3 days or before your get to join a Corps. This is to maximize the time that you have protection from the Aegis shield if you are not particularly putting a lot of time in the game every day. Going past Level 5 HQ will forfeit the free Aegis Shield - which prevents you from being plundered by other players in the battlefield. Joining a Corps (especially a powerful one) will give you a sense of security from being attacked by rogue players. Situate your command center in between the bases of your Corps members using the free teleport that you have, prior to going past level 5 HQ.

7. Maximize Build Efforts versus Wait times - lower level facilities tend to ask for shorter wait times than that of higher levels. Which is why the game usually uses pre-requisite type of build to enforce the idea that the facilities should have at least similar levels of upgrade. If for instance you start to double up on your resource collectors, Hospitals, and Mold Facilities, see to it that all lower level buildings should be upgraded first as they tend to require shorter wait times compared to that of the higher level buildings. This way, you get to work on upgrades more efficiently (as VIP status usually renders you free cut on the wait time for as much as 10 mins which is enough to get past level 4-5 upgrade easily on any building). In addition to this, note that having more Mold Factories cut down on the total training time of your army units. With more of them on your command center, you technically produce more soldiers at a time, as well as get to produce more quantities at a time.

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