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Other Important Events

Other Important Events
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A special event that occurs randomly (usually a mail is sent by AMS to inform players about the upcoming event) and stays for a whole week. When the event is active, you'll see a special toggle icon on top of your bank (piggy bank at the back of your HQ). When you enter the bank, you'll have the option to deposit gold and earn interest that will be amortisized for 7 days (you'll have to manually withdraw daily).

During the whole time we've spent playing the game, the bank always rewards 100% interest rate with a maximum of 10k deposit. That said, you'll end up doubling the 10k Gold at the end of the week. You should also take note that as soon as you deposit your gold, you can instantly withdraw the first amortization. Failing to withdraw a day of amortization will automatically forfeit it.

Sticker Event

During the event, you'll get a chance to earn a bonus "Sticker" item from killing any evil toy in the battlefield. The sticker item should be used and will spawn a random Sticker in your inventory. The basic mechanic of the game supposedly is to collect all stickers to earn a great pack of reward items. Although in most cases, people tend to sell this item in the sticker event's own trading room.

If you managed to snag a particularly rare sticker, it can fetch as much as 2000 gold. Most of the common ones can be sold at 20 gold, and some 200-900 gold. You should check prices of other players and cut back a bit on your own pricing to sell your item fast and get it to be listed on the first page (first page items tends to sell the fastest).

Additionally, some people do not bother about the right pricing so they tend to sell some really rare ones for a cheap price which gives other people the opportunity to kind of Buy-and-sell these items. Its a bit of work, but you cant really complain with free gold in this game.

Toy Thief Event

The toy thief sends out three different Toy Thieves in the battlefield. There are three types and mainly differs in strength and the rewards they give. After killing a Toy Thief, it will spawn 6-8 gifts around its proximity that participants within the area can then plunder. Depending on the level of the Toy Thief, items range from minor speedups, to those that are particularly worthy of your time and effort.

However, this is not mainly the reason why people tend to spend a lot of effort on hitting the toy thief. Each time you hit it with the maximum damage limit, it gives you 40,000 badges. Badges are special tokens / or currency in the Toy Thief event itself. You use them as bid money, to bid items in the event's auction room. It can get frustrating to actually win an item especially if a lot of players are online. However, you can easily snag the stuff that they tend to leave behind like resource packs, and march speed increase items.

Otherwise, if you are up for the challenge, you can also play during the off-peak hours of the game (depending on your battlefield), where there tends to be less people playing. During these times, you can bid at almost every item and win them without a hitch. Among the stuff you can win are officer fragments, speed-ups, resource packs, buff items, and speed-ups.

War of Time (Previously Time Traveler)

This event becomes all too important depending on the reward item that it shells out. There are pros and cons in participating in this particular event, but nonetheless, is still worth the effort. What this event need you to do is attack a particular NPC that randomly spawns in the battlefield. There are three tiers of NPC opponents and mainly differs in strength and the rewards it gives.

The thing is, Time Traveler tends to kills a percentage of your troops in exchange to the reward item that it gives. There is also no particular computation to how much number of item it will reward you for hitting it. Usually, the items that are most sought after are the Guided Attack Course Training Manual (Green Book), and the Spray. The Green Book is mainly used to get your troops the ability to instant kill your opponent's troops (one book per soldier), while the Spray is generally used to strengthen your soldiers permanently.

Additionally, all participants within your corps will get a tally score. If your corps happen to rank high enough in the event, all your corp members will be given special reward packs (which usually are officer training dummies).

Mad Scientist

An NPC that looks like a red version of the Fanatic General. It has Tiers that gradually becomes tougher as it gets to a higher number. When it is killed, the next tier will spawn in a random location in the battlefield. Whenever you hit it, it will give you points depending on the damage you've dealt. You'll have to at least reach the third tier of reward to get about 6500 "High Tech Part". These are special currencies that can be used to fetch you items in its own "Workshop".

The thing that makes people go for it mainly are the free recruit signets it gives for beating the 3 tier requirement. Additionally, you can earn a bunch of speedups of officer fragments in the workshop for trading the high tech parts you earn. On the downside, the Mad Scientist tend to spawn randomly which makes it a hard target -- in the sense that it can spawn very far from your location that sometimes it can take an hour to reach it. It also costs 50 stamina per hit which can set you back some stamina cans reserved for the Kill Toy event. Nonetheless, it is a great choice for those who are collecting some recruit signets - which will give you about 12 for the usual 4-day run, and 3 signets per day that it gives.

Deep Battle

Happens every other weekend. The usual set up is that several battlefields are stacked up against each other. You can teleport into the other battlefields to kill enemies there, or watch out for those that visit your battlefield and get rid of them. During the event, you gain points by the number of soldiers you kill from the other battlefield/s. There are tiers of achievement, and they usually give you tremendous rewards like versatile speed ups and corps honor. Additionally, the kill soldier event usually has the heaviest weight within all the individual daily events. So being able to kill a lot of soldiers from the other battlefield will surely stack you up high in the Ace Commander event.

Be wary though if you are not properly equipped for this type of battle. You basically lose real power here if you get hit by stronger opponents. In most instances, people tend to attack battlefields that are more recent as the level of players in that battlefield will generally be weaker. There is a lot of risk in this event that is why most of the players who do not bother to participate would most likely pop a shield for the entire weekend.

War Game (Silver Event)

Event that starts Fridays to Sundays. The mechanic to this event is that everyone HQ level 8 and above will be given 100,000 per day for 3 days. If you attack a player, you'll basically receive 10% of his/her silver - given that you are victorious in the siege you perform. Be warned though, that some battlefields tend to stir in some relatively un-official set of rules. For instance, in the battlefield we played in, top 5 corps are immune from being attacked. Anyone who breaks the rules are subjected to being attacked by the top corps. Sometimes, an additional rule is added too like if your silver is more than the supposed daily value, you are open for an attack.
The benefit of participating in this event is that you can generally use the silver to purchase some decent stuff in the wargame room. Among the important ones are officer fragments, 24 hours aegis shields, and speed-ups.

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