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Items and Resources
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Items and Resources(the image above shows that you can easily sort items according to their basic category. The game needs this because it contains a lot of items, and most of the time, even variants of the same item.)

In-game items and resources may come to overwhelm new players at some point, as the game tends to throw lots of freebies, especially during the early levels of playing Army Men Strike. One good thing about the game though, is that it has a built-in sorting-like type of interface, where you get to view your items by their category. And though the list of various in-game items can be a long one, items can generally be classified into 6 groups.

(Note: 4 out of the 6 types [the most common ones], have their own category tabs to easily filter the list according to what you need. Otherwise, you may pick the "All" tab to view all items in your inventory.)

1. Gift Packs - Gift packs are special chests or packages that the game rewards you for achieving something monumental in the game. Most of which give you a random "categorized" reward when used (e.g. random resource, random exploration supply, random speed-ups, etc.). They are also usually thrown-in as freebies when purchase via IAPs. During Special Events (e.g. Christmas, Easter Season) or upon requiring your to install necessary game updates, the system usually rewards you with items like this when you participate.

2. Resource Items - are items that tend to provide you with consumable in-game resources. Although there are actually just a few types of resources in the game, the different variations (usually packed by quantity) that the new players tend to be flooded with, might just happen to be overwhelming, For the most part, you simply have to check the main variations like: Quantities of Gold Coins, Quantities of Paint, Quantities of Plastics, Quantities of Electricity, Quantities of Metal, VIP upgrade points, Resource Chests, (Commander) Experience Points, and Battlefield Stamina.

3. Speed Up Items - are generally the items used to cut back on the count-down timers imposed whenever you try to build or upgrade a facility. Not limited to this, there are also Speed-up items dedicated to cutting back on troop healing time, as well as on research times. Speed-up items come in varieties too -- depending on the type of facility to use it to, as well as the amount of time it saves you from waiting (e.g. 5min., 30min., 1 hour, etc.). Most common types are; Building Speed-up Items (used in building or upgrading facilities), Troop-training Speed-up Items (used on training), Versatile Speed-up Items (can be used on infrastructures, research, and troop-training).

4. Buff Items - in general are used to put some from of boost/s to you and everything that has something to do with your operation. These items usually promote efficiency in dealing with stuff, that results to either shortening of time needed to perform something (e.g. Gathering Acceleration), increase your army's attack or defense (e.g. Attack Bonus for X hours), Protection items like; Anti-Scout Items, Double Fake Army Item, and Aegis Shield, and lastly various VIP privilege items (activates your VIP status, which in return, gives you several perks).

5. Fuse Items - Perfectly usable items on their own, but can be fused together in quantities to earn the next tier item that is somewhat more advanced in its general purpose. Say for example, the Airstrike I item, which you can use to attack rogue toys in the battlefield. You may use this item normally to attack levels 1-10 rogue toys, or fuse a bulk of it to turn it into an Airstrike II item, which can let you use airstrike attack on rogue toys up to level 20. The more common fuse items are sweep tickets (used in Special Operation), Airstrike, and Nameplate fragments.

6. Misc Items - are items that are usually given during special events, or earned through special means. There are other miscellaneous items too that are necessary for a specific function, such as training manuals needed for special training on your troops, Training Dummies to improve your Officers, "Micro Antenna" which is used to upgrade the Joint Command facility, similarly the "Brochure" which is used to upgrade the War Room, and Tech points that can be used to fund research (does not impose wait time). Examples of misc items that you may be rewarded with in the beginner levels are; Comic Books (rewards a random item), Seasonal Items like Easter Basket (gives random surprise prize), Teleport items, Commander Rename item, Speaker (used to send a battlefield-wide announcement), Etc.

Items and Resources(To see how an item works or what it is used for, you can always check for its details by simply pressing on the item. If you wish to proceed on using the item, simply click on the "Use" button. Otherwise, you can fuse items that have that particular option. On the image example above, there isn't a "Use" or "Fuse" option as the teleport item is a consumable item that automatically gets used up when you activate teleport in the battlefield.)

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