Army Men Strike

Advanced Guide Coverage

Advanced Guide Coverage
Army Men Strike Guide

This part of the guide is intended for players that are at the very least around HQ 21 in the game -- which also happens to have a concrete background on the inner workings and mechanics of the game. It will tackle points on how to play smarter or be more effective when it comes to performing the different stuff in the game, as well as direct you on the important things that will generally give you an edge against other commanders.

Even if you are below the said HQ level, you can still take the time to learn how things are done in the latter portion of the game so that you can pre-emptively prepare yourself with the concluding speedups, special items, and the smartest route to take when performing upgrades on your HQ, research, exchanging officers, and the like. It also cover important stuff about getting the good stuff that has everything to do with on your Air Force like gears, and components.

The subject that will be tackled in this section of the guide are as follows:

- Air Force Gears and Components
- Daily Individual Events
- Officer Exchange
- Beating the Inferno Event
- Farm Accounts
- Battlefield Buffs
- Happy Purchase
- Battlefield Service Center Event
- Bank
- Noteworthy Regular Events (Pros and Cons)
- Command Building (Feat, Officers, and Stuff to unlock)
- Research Tier Bonus

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