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Review by GuestJan 18th 2019
It's confusing at first but extremely addictive after you understand how it works.
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Review by GuestJan 15th 2019
This game is good and fun to play. It is a team strategy game. But if the developers mess up and you contact them about fixing something they trust to dance around the problem and not try to fix the issues. They try to cover themself's up and they do not support the players that pay for their scams.
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Review by GuestDec 31st 2018
If you don't have the (real world) money to invest, it's hard to keep up.
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Review by GuestDec 29th 2018
Nice premise. But build ups take too long. Our Corp has been attacked 13 hours straight by Corp that is 20x stronger. If you spend lots of $$$ you can build up, but Chinese teams are still stronger. Deleting game as it's no fun to be attacked non stop and nothing you can do about it.
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Review by GuestDec 28th 2018
Extremely fun and addicting. developers have some "hiccups" and maintenance issues occur far more often than one would expect. Not pay to play, but you need to spend some to be relevant.
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Review by GuestDec 15th 2018
It's a really good game because of how the army men look and the graphics I just really like how it works btw how do you get tan keys without buying them?
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Review by GuestDec 11th 2018
Love this game. Awesome. Let's burn something.
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Review by GuestNov 14th 2018
Terrible game, everything is broken and glitchy... when you contact customer support they tell you to do the same things over and over again Micky mouse developers
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Review by GuestNov 1st 2018
I have a love hate relationship with this game, the updates are not the greatest.
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Review by GuestNov 1st 2018
Game is poorly put together and the developer scams you out of your money
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Review by GuestOct 25th 2018
Nice game. For child

I can feel this at the moment
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Review by GuestOct 6th 2018
This game will improve your time management skills.
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Review by GuestSep 28th 2018
This is a Chinese game made by Chinese programmers with a lot of unstoppable Chinese players.
The in game purchase items are a must if you want to last through any weekend. Mind you, if you pay in Chinese Yuan, you get about a 75% discount.
Most of the big players are Chinese and, programmers for the game. You will not win unless you dump thousands of dollars on build ups. And then, a Chinese player will crush you despite having paid for a weekend shield. Customer support will apologize for the glitch, but you are still out your money.
If you do not believe me, pay to play and with on a week, a Chinese player will crush you and taunt you with exactly what I said above. I have been trying to play for 9 months now and all I am is broke.
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Review by GuestSep 12th 2018
OK but to progress takes way too long...
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Review by GuestAug 22nd 2018
So far so good. I'm in a cool and active corps that answers all my questions and are very helpful and patient. The game itself is super cool and tons of fun to play. I like it a lot
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Review by GuestAug 10th 2018
While the game itself is fun there are an incredible number of glitches causing a lot of losses in the game and customer service is about the worst i have ever encountered if i had asked for a bunch of stuff instead of the 1 item that needed replacing i could see refusing to help but as i only asked for the 1 item that was faulty to fixed i can not understand such poor service
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Review by GuestJul 27th 2018
Good game enjoying it at the moment so much to find out
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Review by HighRoller34Jul 17th 2018
Great Game, equally fun for pay for pay and non paying players alike.
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Review by GuestJul 11th 2018
Awesome time killer. Very addicting just slows way down once you reach a certain point basically forces you to spend money to keep up with rivals.
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Review by GuestJul 4th 2018
I think it's a really fun game, I'm just sad it's only pay to win. You have a zero percent chance of success without pouring regular amounts of cash into the game. I put regular small amounts of money in and my account is still trash lol.
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Review by GuestJun 11th 2018
Love it. The devs work hard at New content and balancing. And they're good at compensation for bugs
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Review by GuestJun 4th 2018
I Love It . miss my childhood. Reminds me of my younger days.
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Review by GuestMay 29th 2018
AMS is a fun game. You have to really think things out before you act. It's packed with plenty of action too. From daily quests, and events to weekend battles with your buddies. So pull up a chair, grab a cold one, put on your thinking cap, and prepare for battle, because this ain't no bubble game, and it most certainly is not farmville.
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Review by GuestMay 22nd 2018
Played for 1 month. Its follow the corp leader or get kicked out. Powerful players rule this game. Newcomers good luck. The stronger you get the more you get bullied
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Review by SuperpabloMay 19th 2018
Fun game but complicated. Lots to know and do. No need to pay to win but it helps. Big and involved game
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Review by GuestApr 17th 2018
Lots of glitches and lots of wasted resources on learning curve customer care useless and pointless never have they cared or helped with any issues I've had would not recommend unless your wallet is deep not fun for folks on a budget could be great game if it had customer care that cared another game of greed but you can expect to get same answer from them every time you have a problem no matter if your polite or rude so curse them up
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Review by GuestApr 16th 2018
Love it . Only game I played addictively out of so many games . Only problem is the constant lagnes
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Review by GuestApr 15th 2018
No lvl buffer so watch out for maxed out players who love hitting low sure not to come to bf74 as it has been held hostage by a single player called Welpia and his corps ROK.....YOU WILL BE MISERABLE.....numerous unanswered complaints to customer support by numerous players....numerous players. You may rage quit...attempts to get cs to act have failed....other wise a great game with great potential so long as you dont get stuck in a bf with one who calls himself Welpia or any corsps. Named ROK or Kor....Now in search of good attorney for class action law suit. Again, i suggest if you get stuck in a battle feild with any corps named KOR or ROK or any player with any name variation of WELPIA leave immediately....they are aided and abetted by deveolpers and you will be miserable..... You will have a pleasant experience on any other battle feild....they just refuse to keep those i named in check.
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Review by GuestMar 22nd 2018
Awesome. ....except for one of the rewards for being top 3 is march acceleration 50 percent . now only takes for someone to look around the map and attack instantly by using a total of 4 50 percent March acceleration 2 to attack and 2 to does not take any skills at all...I will be bubbling for the events from now on hoping that this is taken away...thanks
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Review by GuestMar 20th 2018
Good game great time killer. Has many dimensions and options. Not one dimensional.
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Review by GuestMar 8th 2018
Great game. I just wish the help section was more detailed as far as risks incurred in different battle situations.
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Review by GuestMar 8th 2018
Awful customer service. They ignore you for days to weeks. Repeat themselves over and over again. Just simply don't care. Another company in it for a quick buck and doesn't care if you're having any issues.
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Review by addyzFeb 16th 2018
Good grinding game.... fair with premium money for the freebies are ample
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Review by GuestFeb 13th 2018
I like it.. Yea you're gonna have to spend some $$ to keep up.. but if wasn't for the developers occupying the game we all would have a fair shot!!
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Review by GuestFeb 8th 2018
The game is meant for hardcore spenders, makes it hard for players that play for free.
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Review by GuestFeb 6th 2018
It's a challenge, fun and always something to do. I never have a dull moment. Lol
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Review by GuestJan 29th 2018
Fun game, but unless you spend $ things move slow and you do not always have the best items and so forth. Also need to be aware that 1 guy with deep pockets can rule the battle field.
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Review by GuestJan 10th 2018
Very addictive and enjoyable but frustrating game
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Review by GuestJan 5th 2018
Excellent love it, it is better for children .
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Review by GuestJan 3rd 2018
Game is addicting and a user friendly game, not at all difficult and it's fun!
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Review by GuestDec 19th 2017
Great game, still improving. Fun! Wish it had better offers of purchasing.
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Review by GuestDec 11th 2017
Not sure why it's so difficult to get another officer. I don't even know how or why I was able to delete the one the game starts with.
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Review by GuestDec 6th 2017
Love it, just wish the t army keys didn't cost money.
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Review by GuestDec 1st 2017
Love it extremely addicting just ask my boss and wife hahaha.
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Review by GuestOct 25th 2017
Awesome game and lots of good people. Great time killer and the game loads really fast.
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Review by GuestOct 15th 2017
Good.. But take so long time to complete upgrading.
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Review by GuestOct 5th 2017
Love it! Highly addictive and fun to play.
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Review by GuestSep 26th 2017
Pretty fun. Loads of enjoyment. Play this for hours if I had the time and extra money lol.
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Review by GuestSep 7th 2017
Good game, hard to understand some things but I like it a lot.
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Review by GuestSep 2nd 2017
Great game but now buggy since the new updates. Can't find a way to get my old game on new phone. :(
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Review by GuestAug 15th 2017
Don't get this game the dev's have it so you can be farmed by people who have been playing the game way longer then you, or spent money. When contacted about it their answer was protect your self with and aegis, an in game items that cost in game money, I took that as you want to survive in this game you need to pay use to get the item you need to compete against people
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Review by GuestJul 25th 2017
Love it. Great graphics, great connection to server. Old school game. It's like Army Men RTS on the Game Cube. I recommend the game. Thx 4 a great game & 2 the Devs.
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