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Happy Purchase
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One of the most anticipated events in the game is the Happy Purchase event. It runs once or twice a month, and during the event, you can trade resources and gold for speedups and some reward items. Every 2 hours, the store is can be refreshed for free, and will list new speedups or items available for trading. You may instantly refresh the list by paying 1 gold. Refresh is limited to 100 times per day. Happy Purchase also runs for a whole week.


Happy purchase basically needs two things; Enough Resources and Gold
On average, you'll spend about 10 million Paint, 10 Million Plastic, 500K Electricity, 200k Metal per day to exhaust all the 100 refresh (considering you'll purchase every single item). Every item for trade usually requires 1 gold too -- which would consume more or less 500 gold every day. That said, you'll need 7 values times this to make the most out of Happy purchase event that usually runs for 7 days.

What it does:

Given that speedups are critical to upgrading everything in the game, Happy Purchase is everyone's best bet to collect a massive amount of them. With this, you can fuel your growth and easily get you to rank high in the individual events for Wednesday (Research and Building Speedups day), Thursday (Power Building Day from Building and Tech), and Friday (Troop training day). As you easily reach 3 tiers of the events, the gold rewards of each day would easily replenish the amount you've spent on the happy purchase itself.

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