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Building Basics

Building Basics
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From the get go, Army Men Strike would take you through its basic concept of "Progress" as you take part in its tutorial phase. The main thing that you ought to figure out while taking this course is that every "level of upgrade" of any building in the game usually has pre-requisites. For instance, To upgrade a Level 6 Tank Factory to its next level, it requires you to have a Parade Ground that is already Level 7. On the other hand, to be able to build your Parade Ground to Level 7, you must at least have one Hospital that is upgraded to Level 7, and to be even able to achieve that, you must have your HQ upgraded to level 7 -- and so on and so forth.

Building Basics(the game usually guides you through the build process, by means of sequencing the tasks in your basic quests)

The usual of order of leveling up your buildings are as follows:

0. (pre-requisite to next level HQ) You must have fully upgraded your Defensive Line equivalent to the current level of your HQ.
1. HQ - allows you to upgrade Chinook (special operations), Lab, Hospitals, and your Resource Collectors.
2. Chinook, Lab, Hospitals, your Resource Collectors, Shelter, Copter Factory
3. Parade Ground (pre-requires same level of Hospital)
4. Tank Factory (pre-requires same level of Parade Ground)
5. Commando Camp (pre-requires same level of Mold Factory)
6. RC Plane (pre-requires same level of Plastic Mold)
7. Defense Factory (pre-requires same level of Paint Bottle)
8. Defensive Line (pre-requires same level Defense Factory)
9. Money Box (pre-requires same level of Paint Bottle)
10. Nexus (pre-requires same level of Plastic Mold)
11. Other buildings that have specific HQ level requirements or items to collect before you can upgrade them (e.g. Air Force Command Center that requires specific HQ level, Joint Command that requires a number of micro antenna, and same level of Nexus building)

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