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Your HQ, Battlefield, & World Map

Your HQ, Battlefield, & World Map
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On a simple perspective, a Battlefield houses multiple number of Command Centers or HQs (headquarters) which are basically the different online players. A battlefield is named and themed over a particular part of a house, and there are several battlefields which basically make-up the world map. Given the right item and chance to shift in to a different battlefield, you may pick a battlefield through a random pick, or specify a particular one that you want in the World Map.

Your HQ, Battlefield, & World Map (the image above shows what's inside your command center. This is primarily the user interface beginners are familiar with)

Your HQ, Battlefield, & World Map (when you click on the binoculars, you'll see the battlefield map where you'll see your command center and other new players clumped together. Initially, new accounts get free Aegis Shield, like the one on the image above, to protect newbies from being plundered by seasoned players.)

Command Center

In the command center, you may perform different almost all of the important activities in the game that relatively equates to your current progress. Inside your very own command center, you are entitled to render any of these following actions:

Construct or Upgrade Facilities:

Facilities are the foundation of your command center. They basically train soldiers, research tech that helps you efficiently make use of them, heal them, and even bring you the different basic resources that you need to grow your army. Take note too that higher level facilities (by upgrading them), usually equates to a wider access to more powerful soldiers, or more resources for the facilities that generate/mine them.

To access more info to a particular facility, simply tap on it and tap the "Details" to know more (or give you an idea) about its specific function in the game. Normally, you'll have to evenly upgrade the facilities as they tend to pre-require this in order to upgrade another facility to a further level. Take note too that the items or units to be trained or enlisted in the facilities are usually grayed out (meaning you can pick them) until you reach a particular level of that facility that unlocks them.

Your HQ, Battlefield, & World Map (the image above shows details about the pre-requisites of building the "Money Box", and what currently hinders your from doing so)

Accumulate Basic Resources:

Resources mainly support the building process as they are needed to procure any upgrade or whenever you build the basic facility. Additionally, training the different soldiers and war machines also use these resources in order to enlist them.

You may build different types of resource collectors in your command center, and the higher the level of the facility, the higher quantity it can collect over a span of time, and the higher ceiling value the facility can temporarily store these resources as well. A bubble will appear on top of the resource collecting facility when it is full, and tapping on it will easily collect them and add to your pool. When a resource collecting facility reaches its ceiling resource limit, it will stop collecting until you tap on the bubble and collect the gathered resource.

Train Soldiers and War Machines:

You can train different types of soldiers in the game, given that you have unlocked them by reaching a specific level of the building/facility that produces/trains them. Usually, the stronger the unit is, the higher level of facility it requires to train them. Soldiers also consume Plastic. As your army grows bigger, their upkeep becomes higher as well -- which would mean that you would consume more plastic over regular intervals. This is similar to war machines like tanks, copters, etc.

Your HQ, Battlefield, & World Map (the image above shows you an example of how to enlist war machines -- in this example, building your defenses with "Mines")

Research Technology:

Technology provides bonuses to your army units, and to you as a commander and your collective infantry unit. This come in the form of elementary buffs that usually increase your efficiency in collecting resources, speed in building, speed in travelling, strength or effectiveness of your units, and strengthening your defenses as well.

Tech can be researched in the Lab. The higher the Lab level you reach, the more technology would be available for you to research onto.


When your inside your Command Center, you may pick the binocular icon situated at the bottom left of the UI to access the battlefield. When you do this, center of the screen will usually display your very own Command Center. When it is your first time to view the battlefield, you'd probably notice that there is some kind of shield generated by your base and the bases beside you. Usually, the game nests new players of the game together, and are endowed with a free "Aegis" shielding - which protects players from being targeted by other non-newbie players.

The icons similar to your base, represent the Command Centers owned and played by other participating players. Apart from these, you may also see items scattered in the premises like plastics, paint tube, and batteries. These are resources that you can actually collect using your army units by sending them in the battlefield and literally commanding them to "gather" these resources.

Your HQ, Battlefield, & World Map (the image above shows your command center's location in the battlefield, along with other player bases and some scattered resources around the area).

It usually takes a certain period of time for your troops to travel to the actual gathering point, gather the actual resource, and travel back to your command center. Take note too that depending on your current tech level (Research Lab), your gathering speed and ceiling quantity (of the gathered resource) would limited.

The Different Worlds

The different worlds in the game pertain to the actual servers of the game. If you choose to move to another server (or world) there are a variety of special teleport items that will permit you to do so. Nonetheless, you can have a glimpse of all the available servers, along with simple details like the population of players, the top ranked players, and their some of their current stats like power, silver, kills, etc.

Your HQ, Battlefield, & World Map (the image above portrays the different worlds found in the game. In actuality, they serve as the different servers that cater the millions of player around the world)

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