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Introduction to Officers

Officers are in essence, similar to what you call heroes in other similar RPS game. They are key figures that usually lead your troops in battle, and basically the ones that provide additional boosts. In this game however, each officer also particularly lend you specific combinations of skills while taking part in Special Operation, as well as impart to you an added benefit when having them commissioned or assigned in special functions in your command center. Take note too that in order to join operations like the Special Operation and Battlefield Expedition (gather resources), you need to have at least one officer to lead your troop.

Suppositionally, Officers have one of the most pivotal function in the game which is why you need to acquire them to help you progress. For this reason, it is most appropriate to say that they are one of game's key objectives if you want to strengthen your army and increase your power.

Officers (Officers provide great bonuses on different fields in the game. Some give you benefits in the construction of your Command Center, and others render additional buffs on battles like this one as seen on the image above.)

Some of the key importance of the officers are as follows:

Special Operation:

-Attribute of the squad is basically determined by the officer you picked to enter the scenario.

-Different Officers have different skills. While others impart you with a special attack skill, other officers are useful in healing your troops while in battle.

Battlefield Expedition:

-Officer and Parade Ground determine the number of marching troops. That said, the total number of soldiers you have in an expedition is equivalent and commensurate to the total number of resource you'll be able to collect per hour and per complete expedition.

-unlocked skills of exploring officers provide bonus for marching troops (additional attributes that basically heightens your marching speed, collection speed, and similar buffs)

Officers (you'll need Officers to lead your troops in order to attack enemy bases, or even simply perform battlefield operations like gathering of resources, and participating in different Corps activities)

Enlisted in the Departments (Command / Assign Officer):

Apart from using your officers in the special operations and during expedition, you may also use them in special fields where they can lend their expertise and give you bits of boosts in different things in the game. To do this, you simply enlist them in the "Departments" (the building in front of your HQ), and from there pick either to "Command" an officer or "Assign" it.

You'll have to be past level 5 HQ before you actually get to build the Departments building, and then use your officers with their respective expertise. Not everyone though have the capacity to be useful in the departments. Usually, the game automatically suggests available officers for a particular assignment. Also, to be able to use the "Command" option, you'll first have to reach level 8 HQ.

Assign - assigns an officer to a specific department to activate his/her special skills that basically improves some attributes. Depending on the type of officer, you can basically gain some boosts in either logistics, defense, military, or technology. Usually, the higher grade the officer is, the better and more useful boosts it provides.

Command - appoints an officer, or a combination of officers to a certain post in order to gain a particular improvement in your attribute. There are also specific combinations of officers to make, which when successfully paired together, they activate an extra attribute boost.

Acquiring Officers

Officers are not that hard to collect in the game. As a matter of fact, when you get past level 5 HQ, you'll most likely have at least 5 officers. you'll get your first officer as a token for the first time you spin on the "free recruit". Some 3 more will be obtained (as rewards) by simply completing the first 20 levels of the Special Operation. Lastly, you'll earn Victoria as you play through the game normally. After this, you can collect fragments from participating in the "Counterattack", get it from rewards from certain days in the daily log-in, or as reward from doing different quests. Every 8 hours too, you get a free recruit spin -- which normally rewards a random officer fragment, or a slight chance of getting a full officer. Basically though, there are 4 means to get a new officer;

1. Recruiting them - 1 Free spin every 8 hours with a slight chance to earn an officer

2. Fusing similar fragments - collecting the fragments through different means (daily log-ins, quests, free spins) and fusing together the similar ones that represents a particular officer.

3. From participating in Events - special events mostly task players with a series of objectives -- which when fulfilled, rewards you with special officers.

4. Purchasing Specific Officers via IAPs - probably the easiest route to earn strong officers.

Officers (Recruiting officers do not necessarily mean that you get the full officer. Most of the case, you'll end up earning a fragment of a particular officer. To create that full officer, you'll need 100 of his/her fragments and fuse them together. Apart from the Free Recruit spin, you can earn Officer fragments in different ways in the game. Even without spending real money, you can easily end up with 6-7 Officers in your first 2 weeks playing the game.)

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