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If I’m in battlefield 1 and my Power is 300 million and I get out of..

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If I’m in battlefield 1 and my Power is 300 million and I get out of corp and another corp in another battlefield like battlefield 2 want me to join then will I start over from zero ?


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Panzerzs Answered:

First of all you cannot transfer to other battlefields unless it's during certain events (Deep Battle or Faction wars) which will allow you to cross to other battlefields to fight. In that case, you won't lose any Power.

But if your question is directed towards asking if you can TRANSFER your account to ANOTHER Battlefield, you're not allowed to do that unfortunately.

But you can try to contact AMS to ask for a Battlefield transfer. Normally AMS does not let you though.

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Thanx do they have an email or website ?

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