What are Card Colors?

What are Card Colors?

The game features four colors which Heroes and cards are categorized as listed below. Card colors will also affect how much your max MP will be. A deck running a single color deck will have access to 10 MP, dual colors a max of 5 MP, and a triple-colored deck, a max of 3 MP. A four-colored deck is basically impossible since it will have 0 max MP, making it completely unplayable.


The two red deck heroes is the first one, Ryu and Rathalos. The color’s general theme is offense through damage. Here are some of the prominent abilities on red cards:
* Units and Action Cards that can deal Direct Damage to a Hero
* Units that can deal damage to enemy units in front of them as soon as they’re played
* More Units with Rush
* Cards that give +Attack to allies

What are Card Colors?


The two green deck heroes are Chun-Li and X. Green cards are usually defensive in nature but can grow unstoppable with the right set up. Here are some of the prominent abilities on green cards:
* Good number of Action Cards and Unit cards that provide HP recovery and Shield
* As of this writing, the only color featuring cards with the MP Boost ability.
* Have a good amount of staller Units (low attack, high defense) but can grow exponentially with the help of other Card Effects.
* A good number of green Units with Victory effect that trigger HP recovery and permanent +X attack and/or +X amount of HP.

What are Card Colors?


The two purple heroes are Morrigan and Dante. Purple cards specialize in controlling the flow of the game via board manipulation and heavy, effective use of low-cost action cards. Here are some of the prominent abilities on purple cards:
* Stun enemies with the “Halt” effect using Unit cards and Action Cards
* Units that greatly benefit from “Resonate” effects
* Has cards that can lower enemies’ attacks permanently and temporarily
* Has several Action Cards that can negate (counter) the opponent’s action cards
* Has two unique Action Cards that can steal a Unit from the enemy and inflict “Lock” respectively.

What are Card Colors?


The two black deck heroes are Albert Wesker and Nergigante. Black cards offer a high-risk, high-reward style of gameplay, often involving sacrificing your hero’s life points in exchange for various effects. Here are some of the prominent abilities on black cards:
* Ability to destroy enemy Units without Damage Calculation or combat.
* Revenge ability that allows destroyed Units to be resummoned again once at a lower cost and boosted stats.
* Effects that can bring back Units from the graveyard, with boosted stats.
* Cards that can deliberately sacrifice your own Units in exchange for beneficial effects like destroying enemy units, gaining life, deal damage, etc.

What are Card Colors?

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