What is the Season Pass?

What is the Season Pass?

The game’s first season pass costs 980 jewels and can be purchased until August 24, 2019. The season pass is only valid until September 01, 2019. The pass will be invalidated at the end of the season, regardless of the date of purchase or rate of usage.
What is the Season Pass?

The benefits for purchasing this include the following:
* Access to 25 Season Pass-exclusive Missions (missions will be released apart after a period of time)
* Get special Secret cards from the season pass Missions.
* 50% boost to Hero EXP
* 50% Discount to craft a Legendary card (one-time only)

The Missions included in the season pass must be completed AFTER the purchase. The game will not retroactively count the mission objectives you completed before the purchase.

Is it worth to get the Season Pass?
If you’ll be playing the game heavily, then yes. For casual players, purchasing the Season Pass is not really necessary. So far, the game is not hiding anything behind paywalls, and the advantage of Season Pass purchasers isn’t that significant to free-to-play players like most of us.
What is the Season Pass?

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