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What is the Divination for?

What is the Divination for?
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Divination is similar to a daily log-in bonus, where you typically are rewarded as you drink you cup of coffee for the day. When you visit the Oracle there, she'll usually read you a fortune and you'll also gain some reward item at the same time. Daily Gains are random, but they usually are comprised of Diamonds and additional items. Additionally, it imparts you with fortune - which is needed in the masquerade to improve your chances to meet consorts.

On the image above, the current gains for the day are 40 Diamonds and an Amulet that increases your fortune by 10. There are several days too where you earn additional chest-full of reward items. Chests are rewarded on the 3rd, 7th, 14th, and 21st day of drinking coffee, and then the countdown resets back to zero.

Additional Chest Rewards

3rd day chest: Badge Shard, Attribute Book, Gold Coupon, Commander Seal
7th day chest: Badge Pack, Vigor Orb, Vitality Orb, Energy Orb
14th day chest: Badge Pack, Tribute Seal, Gold Earring, Emerald Ring
21st day chest: Badge Pack, New Vizier Clothes, New Vizier Hat, New Vizier Ring

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