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How can I Easily Win Battles?

How can I Easily Win Battles?
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Game of Sultans is a basically a numbers game -- in a sense that you simply need to put up a bigger army than that of your enemy. More than that though, there are a lot of things you could do to improve the effectiveness of your troops against the byzantine army. Below is a short guide on how to amass a great army, to help you clear the battles easily and progress faster in the game.

Pick a Military Expert among your Viziers and Focus Upgrades on Him

Unlike most games where you have to grind playing in order to earn officers or heroes, Game of Sultans pretty much shower you with a variety of Viziers (heroes/officers) from the get-go. Notice how they have their own strengths and skills when they are introduced? You should know that each of them have a specific strength - and you might want to focus on investing (leveling-up) on that strength alone.

Using a Military Expert would generally help boost your battle rating and help your army get more effective in battles. What this actually means is that the higher your battle rating is (against your opponent), the less of your troops die when you send them in battle. What you should account for too is the volume you'll need - but during the first few chapters of the game, you wont have to deal with such problems as the game would basically shower you with supplies (including soldiers). You just have to make sure that you use them as soon as you get your hands on them (go to your backpack and use the actual item e.g. commander seal, etc).

A good measure is to always have at the very least a million soldiers to easily get past through a chapter without a hitch (at least on the first few chapters of the game). Make sure too that your army's core battle rating is at least 4 times that of your enemy - or you'd notice a great loss on your soldier numbers every section of siege.

Battle Calculations:

Your Soldiers = 1,000,000 and Power is 10,000

Enemy Soldiers = 10,000 and Power is 2,500

Since the enemy power is only 1/4 of your power, its effectiveness is reduced to 25%. This makes the 10,000 of the enemy soldiers only as good as 2,500 against your army (10,000 x 25%). In essence, when they get matched up, you'll only lose 2,500 of your soldiers.

Use All of your Gold as Soon as You Get It

Gold is basically used to level-up your viziers. There isn't a hint of shortage of Gold during your first few days on the game. Even by simply signing in, you'll be given tons of free stuff including gold. The point here is not to hoard them - but to spend them in order to improve your viziers as soon as possible. The reason for this is simple: the better your viziers get, the better volume of resources you can collect from levies per turn. More resources in return will generally mean you'll easily amass a huge army in no time. To help you understand which attributes to improve on (using tomes), below is a quick guide.

Research Attribute - Higher value means better volume of Gold Resources you get to collect in the Imperial Parliament per levy collection.

Politics Attribute - Higher value means better volume of Grain Resources you get to collect in the Imperial Parliament per levy collection.

Prestige Strength - Higher value means better volume of Soldier Resources you get to collect in the Imperial Parliament per levy collection.

Level Up your Sultan as Fast as Possible

To level up your Sultan, you must perform the sieges - meaning as soon as you've amassed a great army, you should perform the campaign as soon as possible and gain experience point for your sultan (around 5 points per battle). In return, leveling up your sultan will unlock more chances of collection on your levies. Additionally, as you fixate to get your sultan at a higher level, you'll be surprised with the volume of rewards you'll get from beating the objectives in the Achievement list, as well as that of the time-limited quests / events.

Usually, as you get your sultan to a higher level too, you'll be able to unlock a new section of the game -- which usually adds up to your total power rating (e.g. Harem and Consorts). Otherwise, they will be some add-on activities (Frontier / Hunting grounds) where you could take part in and gain some relatively useful items to help you get stronger (e.g. tomes or commander seals).

Invest a dollar in the game

We know that not everyone is open to the idea of spending real money on a game, however, if you think you like the game and you're pretty much set on playing it for a long time, investing $1 isn't a bad idea to get you jump started early in the game. What you get in return is a superb Vizier which is unmatched by anyone you'd get up until your in mid-game level (chapter 25 up). In addition to this, you'll have commander seals that worth a million soldiers in it. Use them as soon as you get them and focus on leveling up the vizier you get from the purchase (we got Hersek) and make sure you put all your tomes in him as he'd lead your battles for a long time.

When you do a first purchase, it will shower you with a lot of things not limited to the package that you'll buy. There are several bonuses to get including that in the achievements, time limited event, VIP, etc. Always check for the red-dot indicator (on top of the icons in the main screen) for all the rewards you can claim.

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