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Best Vizier
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The Best Vizier for you in Game of Sultans will really depend on which ones you have been able to unlock thus far.

But for sure, the most useful will be the one with the best military stats, as that is where you will be using them the most.

Focus on your strongest military Vizier and upgrade them as much as you can.

A strong Vizier will help you increase your Kingdon's power and to get through campaign mode.

In order to identify a candidate for a strong military Vizier, take a look at the attributes, and look for the ones with the highest Military attribute (The swords), these Viziers will have the best potential for you to become the strongest military Viziers and will be the best ones to focus your energy on for upgrades.

To upgrade your Viziers spend the XP and utilise military books to boost the skills of your miilitary Vizier.

Consorts can also give a boost to your Viziers, having the correct consort for your Vizier is important, so focus on the ones that will give a military boost to your Vizier.

The main tip here is that whie you'll need to upgrade a lot of Viziers in the game to complete certain achievements, you shouls just focus on one initially, and make him as strong as possible. Making sure he is matched with the correct consort to give him the boosts you are looking for (in this case military) is also something that is important but can easily be overlooked.

At the end of the day, the exact best Vizier and Consort combo for you will realy depend on which ones you unlock. Look for a Vizier with the best miilitary attribute and a Consort that will give the best miitary boost and upgrade them as much as possible.

Lufti and Gedik are two such Viziers that have 5 military stars focus on one of these to develop as strong as you can, then you may want to focus on the the other one later on too.

Upgrading your Viziers

To get through the game you will need a strong, or a lot of, strong Vizier's, but upgrading can get expensive when you get to higher levels. Don't forget to look in your backpack itmes, as there will be coins and money that you can utilise if you are running low. With this extra cash you should be able to get your Vizier's up some more levels.

More details on how to strengthen your Vizier's is here:
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