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What are Consorts for in Game of Sultans?

What are Consorts for in Game of Sultans?
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What are Consorts for in Game of Sultans?

Consorts are generally your collection of wives in the game and basically serve two important functions:

1. They help provide bonus attributes to your Viziers

Consorts have affinity to a specific Vizier. For instance, Cecilia, the second consort you'll get in the game has an affinity to your Vizier "Lufti". By default, your consort wouldn't have skills and you'll have to keep on visiting them and showering them with gifts (by clicking the "reward me" button), in order for them to grow their charm and intimacy towards you. Once they reach a specific threshold of improvement, they unlock a skill - and from there, you can use the experience they gained from the times you visited them.

Depending on the type of skill they have, they provide different bonuses to your Vizier. For instance, Cecilia's first two skills are mainly improving the military skill of Lufti. In the image below, the skill "Determined" at level 30 improves Military Attribute by 6000 points. Her second skill "Entertaining" at level 20 improves Military Attribute as well by 8000 points. In total, even if Lufti wasn't particularly picked for leveling up, he starts on the basic Military attribute of 14,050 points -- 14,000 coming of from the consort's upgraded skills. Latter consort skills become more effective too -- as they increase by percentage instead of fixed value.

What are Consorts for in Game of Sultans?

In essence, as you upgrade your consort skills, so will your vizier's overall attribute will grow. And in this game, their growth is commensurate to your growth - meaning the stronger they get in the game, the stronger your empire becomes.

2. They give birth to your Heir.

Heir are your offspring from your Consorts upon paying them a visit. When your intimacy level with a consort increases, so will the chance of getting a heir per encounter will increase. As you successfully get a heir, you can similarly visit them in Harem. Heir like Consorts can boost the overall power of the empire. Their attributes are affected by the intimacy of their mother and so are their talents. They also have some sort of grading system that determines is the heir is Ordinary, Good, Rare, Remarkable, and Genius -- which defines the level cap of the heir to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively. When a heir reaches his/her maximum level, he/she can develop relationships with talent peers.

What are Consorts for in Game of Sultans?

In essence, as you upgrade your heir are reliant to their mother's skills, and as you improve on them, they will serve as some sort of a multiplier to their mother's skill -- imparting growth to the empire. Similar to Consorts, the stronger they get, the stronger your empire becomes.

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