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Tips and Hints
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Level Up your Sultan as Fast as Possible

To level up your Sultan, you must perform the sieges - meaning as soon as you've amassed a great army, you should perform the campaign as soon as possible and gain experience point for your sultan (around 5 points per battle). In return, leveling up your sultan will unlock more chances of collection on your levies. Additionally, as you fixate to get your sultan at a higher level, you'll be surprised with the volume of rewards you'll get from beating the objectives in the Achievement list, as well as that of the time-limited quests / events.

Usually, as you get your Sultan to a higher level too, you'll be able to unlock a new section of the game -- which usually adds up to your total power rating (e.g. Harem and Consorts). Otherwise, they will be some add-on activities (Frontier / Hunting grounds) where you could take part in and gain some relatively useful items to help you get stronger (e.g. tomes or commander seals).

Focus Upgrades on a few Viziers

Unlike most games where you have to grind playing in order to earn officers or heroes, Game of Sultans pretty much shower you with a variety of Viziers (heroes/officers) from the get-go. Notice how they have their own strengths and skills when they are introduced? You should know that each of them have a specific strength - and you might want to focus on investing (leveling-up) on that strength alone.

For instance, using a Military Expert would generally help boost your battle rating and help your army get more effective in battles. What this actually means is that the higher your battle rating is (against your opponent), the less of your troops die when you send them in battle. What you should account for too is the volume you'll need - but during the first few chapters of the game, you wont have to deal with such problems as the game would basically shower you with supplies (including Soldiers).

Use All of your Gold as Soon as You Get It

Gold is basically used to level-up your Viziers. There isn't a hint of shortage of Gold during your first few days on the game. Even by simply signing in, you'll be given tons of free stuff including gold. The point here is not to hoard them - but to spend them in order to improve your viziers as soon as possible. The reason for this is simple: the better your viziers get, the better volume of Resources you can collect from levies per turn. More resources in return will generally mean you'll easily amass a huge army in no time.

Use the Academy

The Academy lets you enlist one specific Vizier to learn something and get better on a particular skill / talent. By default, one slot is available to you but you can also unlock more slots -- which would set you back a couple hundred gems, but the investment is very much rewarding. It takes around 3 hours for a whole session to finish, and once completed, the vizier you sent will improve on one of his basic skills / talent - and as they improve, so will your sultan and your overall battle rating. What this means is that you generally make your army stronger every after 3 hours as long as someone is enlisted in the academy trying to learn something (multiplied by the number of slots you've unlocked therein).

Do not Hoard Items in your Inventory

You might have been used to hoarding items in your inventory in other games for they might be of better use later on as you play, but the same technique isn't as useful in this game. Actually, what you'd want to do is to use them as soon as you get them. For instance, tomes generally improve your vizier's basic attributes (politics, research, and prestige) - which in return will increase the quantity of resource you get to collect per levy in your Imperial Parliament. So using them as soon as possible will mean you get to collect higher portions of resources early in the game too. Same goes with the commander seals which give you a ton of soldiers, and the various items that generally improve your overall efficiency in the game. It is almost certain that you can get a lot more if you'd choose to improve on your viziers and your sultan early in the game - so as soon as you get the stuff that basically improve them, don't hesitate to use them.

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