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While you actively play through the game's Main Quests, you'll soon be required to at least join a Union - or if not specifically, perform a task that is exclusively achievable to union members. Union in the game is basically its own rendition of a "guild system" -- that enables players to work hand-in-hand to perform a single goal and earn reward items in return.

A union is co-managed by the community of active players that are currently subscribed as its members. When a player does not participate in the efforts of improving the union (by performing union quests or by sharing a contribution), he/she can be booted out by the leader. Players can choose to join a union or create their own. Please note that there will be a 24-hour long ban for joining a new Union if you either quit the current one you are subscribed with, or got kicked out.

Union Level

Reflect the sum of all the member's overall power and prestige. The higher the total value of it, makes it more attractive to players in the server to join you. Usually, what a high value of union level denotes is that the current members of your union are very active and will more likely to benefit the interested applicant.

Union XP

Produced by union contribution -- and will become the special currency needed to actually level up your Union. A hihger level union can unlock better voyages, and will then result to better rewards upon successfully carrying out its required tasks.

Union Contribution

This is the resource that each of the members in the union will pitch in - in order to earn Union XP. The higher the contribution of each members, the faster the development of your union will have - which in return will give you better rewards. Also, note that even if you use resources to contribute, you'll generally be able to redeem items in return.

Union Earning - produced by union contribution, and required resource to unlock stages.

Union Quest - refreshes daily. completion of every quest milestone offers 100 union XP and chest rewards.

What you have to do upon subscribing to a Union:

What you generally have to do is perform the task required of you. If you do not know what to do, you can simply ask you union leader. In most cases, high quality unions (you can refer to the ranking tab and join at least from the top unions to see there) have very many active players that are also usually very helpful.

Nonetheless, the usual thing to do is make sure you share you contribution, and you do not have to be cheap about it as you'd generally redeem a value equivalent to that of what you shared. You'll also have to take part in the quests to find there in order to get XP for your union (each member's activeness can be viewed by the number of quests they have accomplished) as well as individual chest rewards.

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