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The Harem section of the game allows you to visit Consort (your wives), and Heir (offspring to Consorts). When you go the the Harem (in the main UI hub), you will be able to access different facilities including the Visiting room of Consorts, Consort Titles, Heirs, and Marriage. This advance guide includes all there is to do in Harem, its relative importance on advance players, the updated list of Consorts, and a comprehensive guide on improving both your Consorts and Heir.

➤ Updated List of Consorts (and where to get/meet them):

Canfeza (thru the tutorial phase)
Dilara ( Masquerade - Grand Bazaar)
Osilda (7th day log-in bonus)
Indirah ( Masquerade - Market)
Lydia ( Masquerade - High Tower)
Iris ( Masquerade - Garden)
Rana ( Masquerade - Infirmary)
Ceren ( Masquerade - Lake Tower)
Clara ( Masquerade - Market)
Delorah ( Masquerade - Lake Tower)
Teri ( Masquerade - Garden)
Samina ( Masquerade - Docks)
Felicia ( Masquerade - Theology School)
Alessa (reward on VIP 2)
Rosa (reward on VIP 4)
Raven (reward on VIP 6)
Elena (reward on VIP 8)
Sophia (reward on VIP 9)
Kosa (reward on VIP 10)
Bella (reward on VIP 11)
Lina (reward on VIP12)
Cecilia (upon reaching 50000 power)
Daphne (upon reaching 200000 power)
Fiona (upon reaching 500000 power)
Hope (upon reaching 1000000 power)
Demure (earned through Romance of Sultans)
Amber (earned through Romance of Sultans)

Other Consorts in the list are earned randomly thru Masquerade. You may well get the chance to encounter these maids, but not necessarily earn them as Consorts in one or two encounters. To get a better chance in meeting some random maid when performing masquerade, make sure that your fortune is high.

Consort Visits

➤ Every time you visit any of your consorts, that particular consort will gain experience points - which value increases as your intimacy level with that pertaining consort improves. you do this by spending diamonds while you visit them (+1 intimacy). This is very important as it affects not only the experience that the consort get every visit, but that of its heir as well if it gives you one. Consort Experience itself is used to avail you and upgrade on consort skills.

➤ That said, it is important that you visit consorts in order to improve their skills. Not limited to this, visiting you consort is the only way you'll produce an heir (random). Although the chances are known to increase with those with higher VIP levels. Consort visits can be done every after 30-minute cool down duration. By default you have 3 consort visits per day, and the number of times you get to perform visits increases as you increase your VIP level (for instance if you are VIP level 4, you'll get to perform consort visits a maximum of 7 times per day).

➤ You can also unlock the option to "auto-visit' as soon as you get to VIP level 3. However, know that although you still gain all the pertaining experience (and the random boosts) for that pertaining consort visit, this eliminates the chance to produce an heir altogether. So if you get to a point where your goal is to produce an heir (most probably for marriage), skip on using the auto-visit option.

Consort Titles

The game also have some kind of rank system in place for Consorts. Upon getting them, consorts all start with a "Maid" title by default. This title gets promoted (and as listed below) as their Intimacy and Charm reaches a certain value.

Maid (starter)
Choice Maid (100 Intimacy + 200 Charm)
Beauty (150 Intimacy + 300 Charm)
Choice Lady (300 Intimacy + 600 Charm)
Female Attendant (500 Intimacy + 1000 Charm)
Noble Lady (1000 Intimacy + 3000 Charm)
Concubine (2000 Intimacy + 6000 Charm)
Noble Consort (5000 Intimacy + 10000 Charm)
Imperial Consort (10000 Intimacy + 15000 Charm)
Empress (20000 Intimacy + 30000 Charm)

Note that you can only elect one empress among your consorts, and you'll get to promote less and less of them as you try and promote them from their ranks so be picky as to which consort you'll try to improve the most.

Choosing which Consort to Level Up

➤ Remember to pick a Vizier to develop depending to the Consort you'll push through with. This is important because you will be spending a lot of time on improving just one main Consort -- and it is only useful to the Vizier that she is linked with (for her bonus). Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense to improve or spend too much time on other consorts in the game.

➤ If you are playing for FREE and DO NOT want to spend a dime in the game, the best option for you is to wait until you get your hands on (Consort) Hope (linked to Vizier Mesih)-- which you'll earn upon reaching 1,000,000 in total empire power. It is important to pick one consort you'll be spending all your Charm and Intimacy items with (as well as the diamonds you'll have to pay every visit).

➤ However, if by any chance you can spend a bit of money in the game, other good alternative are Alessa (Free from getting VIP 3, linked to Vizier Murat) and Rosa (Free from getting VIP4, linked to the Vizier Hersek) -- for the sole reason of the better overall stats of the Viziers associated with them.

➤ You should also focus spending your experience points improving on your "Prestige" bonus skill. Otherwise, you may also improve on "Military" bonus skill.


Heir, like Consorts, are important boost factors that generally improve attributes of a linked Vizier. For instance, if you improve on the Consort Hope (earned when you reach 1M in Empire Power), your visits will and should randomly grant you a chance to have an Heir. Given that this consort is linked to the Vizier Mesih, all improvements on the pertaining heir would basically share its boosts to the said vizier.

➤ Keep in mind too that an Heir's attributes and talents can only be influenced by its parent consort's level of Intimacy. Given the pick of suggested consorts, you'd most likely end up having "Genius" quality heir -- which will have a 50 level cap. Still, be reminded to only tutor "Genius" quality heir as no player would plausibly be interested in arranging marriage with sub-par quality heir in the game. The "Marriage" option will become available when you've successfully maxed out one heir's cap level.

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