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How to Increase Your Army Size?

How to Increase Your Army Size?
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You probably know by now that you need your a bigger army than what your enemy has -- if you looking towards clearing a siege. However, you might also notice that each time you pass on a section (battle), you also lose a bunch of soldiers. And when you try to score another siege, you'll notice that you don't recuperate them instantaneously and that your are still left with the ones that survived the prior siege. The question is, how do you increase your army in the game?

Well soldiers in the game as basically one of the resources. So simply put, you get them from collecting levy in the Imperial Parliament. But more than just waiting for the turn to collect your levies, you'll also need grain to get them -- which are also earned through the same manner. However, since your collecting is penalized by the wait duration, and that the volume you get is usually not that much, there are more important things that you could do to improve this (collection and volume), and other ways to get more soldiers.

Level up your Sultan

Leveling up your sultan will unlock more chances of collection on your levies. Additionally, as you fixate to get your sultan at a higher level, you'll be surprised with the volume of rewards you'll get from beating the objectives in the Achievement list, as well as that of the time-limited quests / events -- which themselves rewards soldier packs too (mostly by the hundreds - commander's seal item).

Usually, as you get your Sultan to a higher level too, you'll be able to unlock a new section of the game -- which usually adds some variety of activities (Frontier / Hunting grounds) to do in the game, where you could take part in, and gain some relatively useful items to help you get stronger (one of which are commander seals that give you 100k soldiers instantly per item).

Perform Instanced Tasks

Instanced tasks (as shown on the image below) generally helps you understand the game better by putting you in a series of tasks that lets you familiarize the inner workings of the game. However, more than just a guide, it also rewards you every time you accomplish the tasks it gives you. In most cases, what you'll get in return are gold, tomes, or soldiers. So take the time to participate in these sequenced tasks as it would be very beneficial to you -- most especially during your first few days in the game.

Invest a Dollar in the Game

Investing $1 isn't a bad idea to get you jump started early in the game. What you get in return is a superb Vizier which is unmatched by anyone you'd get up until your in mid-game level (chapter 25 up). What this means is that you get a boost in power - which denotes that losses in battles will be trimmed down as well. In addition to this, you'll earn around 2 million Soldiers from all the bonuses you'll get from the initial purchase (and unlocked achievements). After our investment in the game and about the 4th day playing it (as seen on the image below), we've earned and left with approximately 6.5 million soldiers excluding the casualties from trying to unlock as much chapters as we can.

Remember to Sign-in the 6th Day

The game rewards new players with tremendous bonuses. And if you are constantly checking the sections of the game, you'll never fail to claim these daily bonuses -- all of which are a great collection of bonus items. However, if you logged in the 6th day, you'll be rewarded with 20 commander seals which equates to a whooping 2 million soldiers in total. So make sure to collect the daily sign-in bonus on your 6th day!

Trade Your Gems for Soldiers

Although gems are valued in the game as its premium currency, they are relatively not that hard to get while playing the game normally. On the first few days in the game, we've managed to collect around 4 to 5000 of it from just coursing through the normal quests and tiers of achievements. So if you badly want to grow your army, this is surely one way. There are two options to get them in the "Store". The best way to get the most out of your gems' worth is by purchasing time limited packs (Reinforcement Pack). The cheapest one you can get will set you back 688 gems for a total of 1.5 million soldiers in exchange, plus additional items. Otherwise, you can purchase the commander seal that has 100k soldiers in it for 60 gems per piece.

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