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Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks
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Daily Quests are the default sets of tasks the game requires you to take part into. It has 5 tiers of completion -- each of which will give you a chest-full of reward items. Each type of task has a corresponding value of activeness - which will add up to the total pool that determines the tier of completion you've reached for a day. Daily quests are reset every day and a concluding countdown timer can be seen on the upper left portion of the window when you click the "Quests" button.

Reward Tiers:

Tier 1 (10 Activeness points) - Gold, Fortune
Tier 2 (30 Activeness points) - Soldier, Fortune
Tier 3 (60 Activeness points) - Gold, Fortune
Tier 4 (100 Activeness points) - Soldier, Imperial Affairs Seal, Vigor Orb, Energy Orb, Fortune
Tier 5 (140 Activeness points) - Gold, 50 gems, XP pack (small), 4 Enhance Badges, Fortune

Daily Tasks (10 activeness points per completed task):

1. Vizier Level-Up - (10 times)
2. Levy Trade - (12 times)
3. Levy Grain - (12 times)
4. Levy Soldiers - (12 times)
5. Government Affairs (imperial affairs) - (12 times)
6. Campaign Rush (perform stages in campaign) - (16 times)
7. Honor Attempt (get to ranking and redeem honor) - (1 time)
8. Random Consort Visit - (12 times)
9. Raise Heirs (visit heir and perform relative task) - (4 times)
10. Masquerade (perform masquerade visit) - (12 times)
11. Arena (take part in PvP) - (4 times)
12. Union Contribution - (1 time)
13. Union Voyage - (1 time)
14. Tribute Gain - (3 times)
15. Enhance Badges (use) - (1 time)
16. Imperial Library (use academy) - (4 times)

Since there are 16 tasks in total, you can miss out on 2 tasks per day and would still be able to earn the 5th tier of rewards.

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