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Review by GuestApr 10th 2019
I am totally addicted. Making a lot of friends too!
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Review by GuestMar 14th 2019
The game itself is fun and kind of compelling once you have begun. The disparity in ability and rank based off of VIP level is frustrating however. No one ranked in the top 30 of my server is less than VIP5. Most are VIP8-10. That's thousands of dollars to BUY top position.

If you don't care about ranking then the game is social and interesting. You can move up even without spending money you just have to put in the time. Just accept that you aren't going to be a top player.
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Review by GuestMar 5th 2019
Love this game, I am addictated already and I have only played 4 days.
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Review by GuestFeb 7th 2019
It's a nice game and easy to play.
Thanks to developer
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Review by GuestJan 30th 2019
Good time killer and addicting game. And make us buy VIP
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Review by GuestJan 30th 2019
It's very interesting it reminds me of game of thrones in a way
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Review by GuestDec 27th 2018
This game help me killing time...
its a fun game, and I'm very happy
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Review by Crazyace14Nov 5th 2018
Its a fun game, I wish there was a bit more variety in the heirs you can get. I've seen the same six children more times than I can count.
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Review by GuestOct 9th 2018
Good. Still trying to figure it all out but its entertaining.
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Review by MyaOct 9th 2018
Great game...nice time killer...that's all
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Review by GuestSep 27th 2018
The game itself is very fun, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to it if you want to be successful though.
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Review by GuestSep 23rd 2018
Fun game ;) I am hoping they come out with a female sultan version soon.
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Review by GuestSep 12th 2018
I enjoy it, the advertisement was very misleading. But it turned out okay, I guess. It's addictive and I've made many friends playing it. Would like to know how to obtain Rats and Scrolls though, please and thank you!!
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