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Hunting Grounds & Frontier

Hunting Grounds & Frontier
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Hunting Grounds and Frontier are time-limited events that opens every day (12:00 - 14:00 GMT +8 on Hunting Grounds, 20:00 - 21:00 GMT +8 on Frontier) that enables you to enlist your Viziers to unique activities - which usually rewards you with useful items in return.

To access them, you must make sure that the event is on-going. Simply go to the Hunting Grounds duilding and it will take you to the pertaining event center.


Each successful hunt grants Tokens (special event currency), Gold, and increases your Score (for the event ranking). Tokens are used to redeem items in the Hunting Grounds. The collection of items to exchange there are usually used to unlock the level cap of your Viziers (when they level up to New Vizier). Take note too that each Vizier has 1 hunt attempt per day, unless you use PvE Seals to restore a particular Vizier's attempt. Additionally, Hunting will give you a chance to find treasure chests with shareable rewards.

Items to Redeem with Tokens:

New Vizier Clothes - 100 Tokens

New Vizier Hat - 100 Tokens

New Vizier Rings - 100 Tokens

Attribute Book - 100 Tokens

Attribute Tome - 200 Tokens


Permits each of your Vizier to take part in a battle. All players in the server collectively takes a hit on a Fortress. The player who deals the final hit will get to occupy the Fortress and earn its rewards. Additionally, the top 100 players which dealt the highest damage will also get XP rewards from the event.

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